Guide To Our Unique Fairy & Tooth Fairy Letters

 Designed to Support Children’s Emotional Health & Development

Talking with, and listening to our children does all sorts of wonderful things. It improves our bond with them, which ultimately helps them to form relationships and to build self-esteem.

‘If they can talk to you about the small stuff, the bigger stuff will follow’ 

Each letter is available as a Fairy (non-tooth version) or Tooth Fairy Letter.

Bundles of five letters also available. 100% Beautiful recycled Paper.

Quick Peek …

No. 01 – Worry Blaster
Discover how these Fairies get rid of their worries, and convert them into a Ninja Fairy!

No. 02 – Bad Dream Chaser
These Fairies have a brilliant way to get rid of bad dreams … if any manage to escape the Dream Chaser that is!

No. 03 – Unkindness & Being Sorry
A rather grumpy Tooth Fairy who’s been rather unkind, tries to undo some of his unkindness by using a bit of Time Travel!

No. 04 – Speaking Calmly When Cross
A Woodsman Fairy decides to stop shouting and throwing horrid Magic Tree Slime at everyone when he’s cross. With a great result!

No. 05 – Secrets & Trust
Let the Fairies tell your child about the ‘Secrets & Trust’ exam all young Fairies need to take. When it’s ok to keep a secret, and when it’s important to tell a grown-up.

No. 06 – Fairness
With a visit to the Mystery Garden, this Fairy realises that although things do seem unfair sometimes, we all have a turn at being lucky!

No. 07 – Standing Up For Yourself
One Fairy, by learning to stand up for herself more, means she’s well on her way to earning an extra go on the Wishing Chair!

No. 08 – Special Needs Become Heroes
Three Fairies with special needs become heroes when they save a Woodsman Fairy from being dissolved by Tree Slime!

No. 09 – Kindness
A Magical Potion Fairy comes to the rescue when these Fairies get very cold in the Mystery Garden!

No. 10 – Trying New Things
Let the Fairies tell your child why it’s always good to try something new in this magical personalised Tooth Fairy letter.

No. 11 – Helping Others
Full of news about having to help the new Fairy who’s moving in with her luggage … and she has a Dragon!

No. 12 – Feeling Shy
These Fairies give your child a brilliant fail-safe tip on what to do if ever they’re feeling shy or awkward.

No. 13 – Comparing Yourself To Others
A special tooth is needed for an upset Dragon Keeper, who thinks everyone else is better than him.

No. 14 – When You’re Feeling Cross
A tip on how to help any crossness go away, and a Fairy on a hummingbird apologises to a Dragon Keeper!

No. 15 – Honesty & Owning Up
This Fairy loses something magical, and very important. After many sleepless nights, she finally decided to be honest and own up – and no-one is cross!

No. 16 – Be Yourself
This Fairy tells your child about a Dragon Keeper who feels a bit worthless. Unsurprisingly, his friends have a very different view of him!

No. 17 – Fear of Failure
This Fairy tells us how she fought through her fear of riding a dragon, and found she loved it! She didn’t fall off … or even catch fire.

No. 18 – Don’t Give Up
This Fairy worked really hard to make a Magical Potion, without giving up and when it was proving to be very difficult indeed … it’s all about the effort!

No. 19 – Trying Your Best
Only very few Fairies manage to collect Magical Tree Slime safely. It’s not about succeeding, it’s all about trying your best!

No. 20 – Mistakes Can Be A Good Thing
This Fairy makes a mistake when they redesign their Tree House, but mistakes really can be a good thing … it ends up even better!

No. 21 – Missing A Loved One
This Fairy tells your child what they do to feel better when they’re feel really sad about a Fairy that’s no longer with them. A magical bereavement letter.

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