Guide To Our Unique Fairy & Tooth Fairy Letters

 Designed to Support Children’s Emotional Health & Development

Talking with, and listening to our children does all sorts of wonderful things. It improves our bond with them, which ultimately helps them to form relationships and to build self-esteem.

‘If they can talk to you about the small stuff, the bigger stuff will follow’

As parents, we have a hugely important role in helping our children to develop the skills and resilience to cope with life’s challenges as they grow. These Fairy & Tooth Fairy letters have been designed to make brilliant conversation starters for those important topics we all guide our children (and ourselves) through at some time or other. 

Each letter is available as a Fairy Letter (non-tooth version) or Tooth Fairy Letter. *images are of Tooth Fairy versions only

Bundles of five letters are also available. 100% Recycled Paper.

Our Tooth Fairy Letters:

Available in singles only ...

Our Fairy Letters:

Available in singles only ...