North Pole Christmas Letters

“To hear so much excitement and giggling each morning on
the countdown to Christmas was just wonderful!” ~ Emma 

Mysterious letters from the North Pole, for your children to discover around their
home … beautifully handcrafted and personalised Christmas Elf letters, bringing
a big dollop of Christmas Magic! 

Enjoy shrieks of excitement when they discover a very mysterious letter by their
toothbrush, hidden in their shoe, or tucked into the cereal box … !

*One bundle per family. Brand New each year. Free UK Delivery

5-99 yrs – Elfie’s Christmas Letters (25-letters)
                     & North Pole Christmas Newsy Bundle (7-letters)
3-5 yrs  – Candy Cane Christmas Activity Bundle (7-letters)

Christmas Activities and Educational rainy day things for school's to do on the Countdown to Christmas! Candy Cane Christmas Letter Bundle 2019 - activity Elf letter bundle from the International Elf Service for the countdown to Christmas!

Christmas Activity Letter Bundle – FOR SCHOOLS – 2019

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These natural Linen Christmas Gift Bags are all ready for the Elves to pop some treats in for your child to find on Christmas morning. Perfect Stocking Fillers!

Natural Linen Christmas Gift Bags

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Elfie's Tooth Fairy Letter

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International Elf Service™ Christmas Confetti