'Very Helpful' Fairy Letters

Magical Fairy letters, Designed to Support Children’s Emotional Health & Development.

Who better than a Fairy to help a child overcome a bout of shyness,
blast away a bad dream or simply keep the magic of the woods and the world alive?

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'Very helpful' personalised Tooth Fairy letters, bringing a very special message to enchant your little ones ... inspiring their imaginations. from the International Elf Service
A girl who's been struggling with bad dreams receives a letter from the Tooth Fairy - helpful advice from the International Fairy Service
One of the baby dragons has lost his dummy, and is very upset. The Dummy Fairy asks your child if they would like to give them their dummy and explains this baby dragon is a very good listener at story time!
Short & Simple Fairy Letters No. 01
Short & Simple Fairy Letters No. 02
Short & Simple Fairy Letters No. 03
Short & Simple Fairy Letters No. 04
Short & SIMPLE Fairy Letters No. 05