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Mini Personalised Christmas Letter Bundle – FOR SCHOOLS


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A totally enchanting and magical Christmas letter bundle suitable for Nursery and Reception aged children  … for the whole Class to enjoy. Mixing our love of inspiring children to read and learn, with Christmas magic!

A Mini Bundle: five personalised Christmas activity based letters from the North Pole, for you to deliver very mysteriously on the countdown to Christmas

Where will they appear this time?  In the book corner, with the packed lunches, tucked in amongst the pencils and rulers … ? Enjoy their faces as they realise they’ve had a very special delivery from the North Pole, addressed to THEM!

This unique letter bundle promotes counting, cooking, science, motor skills, creative thinking, visual processing and craft skills.

* PLUS five resources to support the children getting the most out of this activity.

A gorgeous set of handcrafted, personalised Christmas letters, complete with splodges and smudges. Bringing secrets and snippets from Father Christmas’ Workshop!

“My son preferred to receive Elfie letters each day, rather than get Christmas presents from Santa, speaks volumes. Authentic, age appropriate and most importantly, magical!”
Nicola, (Jan 2018)

⭐These letters are a ‘schools version’ of the family bundle: Mini Personalised Letters, with Christmas Activities




We deliver a well-disguised package to you, containing …

  • A Certificate from the Postmaster General congratulating the Class for being chosen to receive the letters.
  • A Map of the North Pole Village to help set the scene for the Elves’ adventures.
  • 5 personalised letters, each signed by Elfie and addressed to your Class.
  • 8 lengths of North Pole Candy Cane Twine to tie each letter into a *LOOSE* scroll (and a spare), OR 5 personalised envelopes purchased as an extra.
  • BONUS ACTIVITY: We provide an additional letter from the Postmaster General for you to send home with the children. This letter asks parents if they could talk through which Elf job their child would like to do, before school the next day. Would it be double wrapping presents to avoid peeking? Or maybe make everlasting cookies?? This is to develop creative thinking and promote precious one to one time between parent and child … helping the children prepare for a conversational, or letter writing activity at school the next day (guided by yourself).
  • A Letter from Mother Christmas explaining why Elves aren’t allowed to reply to letters from children, but encouraging them to continue writing or drawing pictures for the Elves if they wish.
  • Three Resources to promote one to one time at home, and enable the children to reinforce their learning by repeating three of the activities with their families if they can. These include one scientific activity, one cooking activity (no bake recipe), and one festive game (numeracy and motor skills).


The Christmas 2018 letters include:
  • A very simple recipe for Sugar Mice (totally delicious) NB: includes egg white – if you have any children who are allergic to egg, they can still participate in the activity by wearing gloves.
  • A simple Christmas craft – to make Indoor Snow to make Indoor Snowmen! *Requires Baking Soda and Shaving Foam. (We provide a letter to parents you can use if you would like to ask parents to help with providing anything for your magical activities).
  • A game of Christmas Tree Toss
  • Hunt for sticks and make a Reindeer Decoration! Take the children to the park to hunt for sticks, or ask parents to help over the weekend. *You’ll need sticks & cardboard rolls to complete this activity.
  • Have a Christmas Star Treasure Hunt! Children can complete this activity by taking their stars home, and making more if the they wish to (Template provided).


Product Materials

Sisal Twine — 100% harvested from renewable resources
Paper — 100% recycled
Envelopes — 100% recycled


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