The kids are my greatest critics – they’re as sharp as knives, with imaginations bigger than anything else in the world. If I get their seal of approval, then that’s very high praise indeed …

This is what the grown-ups say …

  • "Elfie’s letters were very popular in my house, Ella was very excited and it was the 1st thing she looked for as soon as she opened her eyes each morning! (Even on a sleepover she phoned to make sure her letter had been delivered!) It really made the run up to Christmas that more magical! x "

    – Sandra, London (2014)

  • "Izzy loved Elfie’s letters. The excitement of receiving one every day was very sweet indeed, and great for her reading practice! "

    – Sara, London (2014)

  • "I’m your biggest fan! They’re brilliant and they really made our build up to Christmas really special! It’s making me want it to be Christmas again already!!! We mainly read ours in the evening as it wasn’t rushed then. Some mornings Elfie would leave a clue for the letter, or sometimes they would excitedly come home from school to find their letter had been delivered! Our kids were hooked. I really like the mention of hot berry juice and freshly baked gingerbread. You can almost smell Christmas when you read this! I also love the fact that the elves have different characters and traits that individual children can relate to. Last year, Olly thought he was like Marty and Megan related to Lily. They even tried to guess which elves made what in their stockings on Christmas day! "

    – Natalie, London (2014)

  • "My girls are 9 and 7 years old. They utterly believed an elf was delivering the letters and often wrote a Christmas card back. My girls would find the letters from Elfie on the Christmas tree each morning and my youngest daughter would leave the response to Elfie there of a night. She then started leaving cards for him in a trail to her bedroom. She was desperately hoping to see him. I didn’t do advent calendars this year so would leave little gifts inside the envelopes. These included fancy ribbons, Christmas decorated sweets, decorative pens etc. The girls are of an age that they could read the letters themselves so they would read to me all the news Elfie had to share. I also discovered my youngest had informed the school deputy head at great length about Elfie and how she was writing to her and her sister everyday! It has been a wonderful shared activity. The girls would look for the letters each morning and be excited to read about Elfie’s news and see the gifts she’d left them. They would take it in turns to read the letters and generated a lovely buzz of excitement as it led up to Christmas.Many thanks! "

    – Kirsty, London (2014)

  • "Our special delivery arrived today… WOW! Thanks for the wonderful treat to share with the kids at xmas…beautifully presented, and gorgeously crafted. Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see their faces when they open the letters! I bet my 5 year old will be quite happy to practice her reading this December ;o) "

    – Shannon, London (Oct 2014)

  • "Thank you so much for my letters! They look absolutely amazing and I really love the artwork. I love them so much I’m not sure I can bear to fold them up to put them in the envelopes! "

    – Kirsty, London (Oct 2014)

  • "My letters have arrived. They look well cool. Very excited about the fun we’re going to have with them! "

    – Mary, Oxford (Oct 2014)

  • "We’ve just received our Elf letters. Thank you so much. They really are superb. "

    – Peter, London (Oct 2014)

  • "Oh my goodness these are absolutely amazing. I love it all, the illustrations, the paper, the packaging and I just can’t wait until December the 1st. Emma will absolutely love them. Thank you so much. "

    – Karen, London (Oct 2014)

  • "Emily I LOVE the [North Pole Christmas} letters!!!! Super excited about them!! I’ve left her 1st one out for tonight!!! She’s soooooo excited!!! She was gobsmacked. Told me only people who had powder up there noses can see elves! I was weak with laughter. (I think when they had the routine flu powder in school the nurses must have told them it was so that they can see the elves at xmas). I’ve pin pointed 21 Nov. .. 27 Nov. ..6..9…12..17 and 23rd Dec for her to have letters. She wants to take the certificate and map into school tomorrow! "

    – Elaine, Wales (Nov 2015)

  • "Two letters have arrived so far and [she] loves them!  It’s helped Christmas start nice and gently – she as at fever pitch in October!! "

    – Anna, London (Nov, 2015)

  • "Big thanks for emergency letters. Wish I’d video’d Ez opening it, so I could show you. When I got home, she’d written a letter to Elfie pleading for him to write to her. She was passed herself with excitement when she found the letter in the bath!! So very sweet. Thank-you!! Xx "

    – Rebecca, London (Dec, 2015)

  • "My daughter actually asked Santa in her letter to Santa to get Elfie to write to her this year again. She was extremely excited receiving the letter this morning. She enjoyed Elfie’s first letter (particularly the elephant poo reference) and is very excited about what Mother Christmas is going to tell Elfie tomorrow. "

    – Nies (Dec, 2015)

  • "My children (and I) have LOVED the letters from the North Pole from International Elf Service this year! It’s been fun hiding them, and them finding and reading them. If you want something that wee bit extra to make December fun, we’d give them the big thumbs up!! "

    – Mad House Of Cats & Babies Blog (Dec 2015)

  • "Second year running and we are thoroughly enjoying our elfie letters already! This year my son’s best friend is getting the letters for the first time and I can’t wait for the boys to discover this and talk about it!! It’s a firm tradition now in our house and my son looks forward to them so much. We actually count down to elfie letters arriving rather then Xmas day in our house!! Even the tooth fairy wrote to will and mentioned elfie in the summer "

    – Victoria (Dec, 2015)

  • "Perfect, thank you – pleased they arrived so quickly. I’m impressed with the beautiful expression of your idea – a joy to open! "

    – Claire, Warwickshire (Dec 2015)

  • "Very happy to say that Elfie’s letter was here when we returned from our holiday, beautifully packaged (again) and looking forward to seeing our daughter open it on Thursday. Thank you! The new Christmas sets sound GREAT – something else to look forward to later this year. "

    – Shannon, London (May, 2015)

  • "Many thanks, [Elfie’s birthday] letter arrived yesterday & I managed to sneak a peek – it’s terrific! She will be delighted! "

    – Niamh, Ireland (May, 2015)

  • "I’ve just placed an order for Elfie’s Christmas letters for my children.  In fact, it was them that prompted me into getting on and ordering the letters; as they have both been whispering about Elfie and said they were wondering if he would write again this year!  Although my daughter is at that age of “doubting”(or at least listening to others at school who spoil the fun!), your letters keep the magic and mystery alive so I am sure will keep her believing for at least another year (she’s 11 in January!). I do hope my order isn’t too late amongst all the pre-Christmas chaos you must already have!! You are doing a fantastic job in keeping the magic alive, amongst children and adults alike!!  I hope you and family have a wonderful Christmas! Wishing you and family all the best. "

    – Marie, Worcestershire (Nov 2015)

  • "Ohhh Emily, I’ve just had a read through [Elfie’s Birthday Letter – Musical Paarps] and it’s truly magical. Thank you for your lovely creation, he will love this xxx "

    – Billie, London (Nov, 2015)

  • "Thank you, thank you! Our letters have just arrived and they’re even cuter than I imagined. I’m wishing November away so I can open them with my boys 🙂 "

    – Debbie, Lancashire (Oct 2014)