Can the letters be personalised from our Elf?

All the Elves have strong characters, with their own style of writing and drawing. So with much discussion with families who have these letters … to avoid any confusion for the children, it’s felt the name needs to hold true to the Elf writing the letters.

All the signatures are written by hand and embedded in the artwork, and not done by computers (yay!). I would be bound to mess up the signatures, and do them totally differently each year, which would ruin it for the kids.

As you know, there’s a big team of Elves in the North Pole, each with different jobs to do. Some are Scout Elves (like yours), some work in the Cinnamon Mine, some work in the North Pole Garden, or do the laundry in Soap-Sud Cabin … and they all know each other!

Lots of families have their letters addressed to their children and their Elf too. And that works really well.


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