Beautiful Letters from Magical Places ... To Enjoy Together As A Family

"A completely brilliant, magical Christmas experience my children will never forget" - Tom Ridley, (Dad of four)

Watch your children's eyes light up with these Personalised Magical Christmas & Fairy Letter Bundles ... To Enjoy Together As A Family. Magic brought into your home, in a most exciting way.

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Take them on an unforgettable journey with these enchanting bundles of beautifully handcrafted, personalised Elf and Fairy letters ... to inspire and encourage children to read. Full of funny stories, endless mishaps and a huge dollop of magic ... from two of the most magical places on earth: the North Pole and Fairyland. Passionate about children's well-being, our Fairy & Tooth Fairy letters have been designed with supporting children's emotional development in mind.

Hide them among the family's mail, lay them on the table first thing in the morning, stashed among their toys, or mysteriously peeking out from under their pillow ...

You choose where your children find their letters, to create a unique magical family tradition the children will love and treasure forever.