'Very Helpful' Fairy Letters

Magical Fairy Letters, Designed to Support Children’s Emotional Health and Development

* Want to know more? See our Fairy & Tooth Fairy Letter Guide

When these Fairies aren’t busy chasing dragons, creating potions or having their wings re-sparkled, they make wonderful letter-writing friends. Who better than a Fairy to help a child overcome a bout of shyness,
blast away a bad dream or simply keep the magic of the woods and the world alive?

Each delivery comes to be carefully wrapped in golden twine with its very own
magnifying lens. Order a bundle for those times when only a
handcrafted letter from a very special Fairy friend will do.

The Short & Simple Letters suit Early Readers, or where ‘less
is more’.

Personalised Fairy Letters with parenting tips woven through, from the International Elf Service. A perfect addition to that well loved childhood tradition where the fairies leave a personalised fairy letter for your child to discover.

Fairy Letters No. 01 – The Worry Blaster

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