The kids are my greatest critics – they’re as sharp as knives, with imaginations bigger than anything else in the world. If I get their seal of approval, then that’s very high praise indeed …

This is what the grown-ups say …

  • "My advent letters have arrived today and I love them! I just need it to hurry up and be December 🎅🏻🤶🏻🎄 These look totally amazing and I cannot wait to share their magical content with my little girl. Thank you so much 😊 "

    – Karen (Oct, 2019)

  • "A completely beautiful product. I purchased one for myself and another as a gift. I’m looking forward to seeing the reaction to the daily letters. I love the personalisation. "

    – Caroline (Oct, 2019)

  • "Received our Candy Cane Letter Bundle. Love the letters, can’t wait to leave them out for my boys this December our elf is called Elfie so think they will enjoy getting a letter from him. "

    – Clare (Oct, 2019)

  • "They’ve arrived!! I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t WAIT!!  Thank you thank you thank you! "

    – Saranne (Oct, 2019)

  • "These Christmas Letters are like heroin for children. "

    – Andy (Oct, 2019)

  • "My daughter absolutely LOVES the letters and has been saving them and sticking them in special Christmas books each year. She will be 11 next month but still completely believes and I know she is very much hoping Elf brings his letters again! We’ve been using the Elf on the shelf to deliver the letters! 🙂 "

    – Michelle (Oct, 2019)

  • "Received the letters for my daughter this morning, I had a little peak but didn’t want to read them as I want to enjoy them at the same time as my daughter. My kids have loved receiving these for the past few years & I can’t wait to see my daughters face on the morning of December 1st for her 1st letter. "

    – Michelle (Sep, 2019)

  • "Just wanted to say a massive thank you and what a beautiful pack of letters I have received today!! They really are magical and stunning!! Totally lost for words!!  My son will have the most amazing experience opening them this year!!! I so can’t wait for December to come!!!  Thank you once again!! "

    – Mandy (Sep, 2019)

  • "Our letters arrived today and I love them… They are just perfect 😁 can’t wait for the Christmas count down now. "

    – Helen (September 2019)

  • "I cant wait – we had the Christmas letters from you last year and I couldn’t wait to order them again this year as they just provided the magic needed for the belief to carry on 🙂  "

    – Kirsty (September, 2019)

  • "“Your letters really make Christmas so special for the kids. I couldn’t bear to think they wouldn’t get them again this year. The oldest one (now 11) was starting to not believe in Father Christmas and the elves until your letters started coming. A big thank you for making Christmas so magical for the kids in my family.” "

    – Dean Richardson (Sep 2019)

  • "The letters are wonderful and they prompt fun, creative discussions with our kids, which is the best part. A really lovely way to connect and wonder together about the North Pole and its residents. Get them for your wee ones! "

    – Rob Delaney (Dad of Four, Comedian, Actor)

  • "I so look forward to these amazing letters, this is our 4th year to get them and I love that extra bit of magic it adds each morning on the run up to the big day. "

    – Claire, (August 2019)

  • "This is the third year my daughter has been getting letters from the Elves and she loves them! She tells all her friends at school and takes them in for show and tell on the days they arrive. "

    – April (July, 2019)

  • "We had Elfie’s Christmas Letters for the first time last year. It was a completely brilliant, magical Christmas experience my children will never ever forget. We’ll definitely do it again this year. Can’t wait to see this year’s letters! "

    – Tom (June, 2019)

  • "We truly had such a magical year last year with the letters arriving. Thank you again, it was totally amazing and magical. "

    – Adele (May, 2019)

  • "This is fantastic both the children and teachers in Foundation Stage loved receiving letters from Elfie and his friends. The letters inspired our children to create reindeers from sticks, make stars which we used for a maths hunt and make snowmen using pretend snow (just remember to use white shaving foam). The tasks set by Elfie sparked so much excitement and even inspired our children to write. We will most definitely be doing this again this year. Thank you. "

    – Natalie, (May 2019)

  • "I just wanted to say how thrilled my son son was to get his birthday letter from Elfie. He said it was one of his birthday highlights. The letter itself was funny and he got totally caught up in the description of musical paarps. He did think Elfie was robbed of the win though! Thank you for making his wee eyes light up and keeping the magic going through the year! "

    – June, (May 2019)

  • "What can I say? I’m blown away with your prompt delivery of my granddaughters birthday letter, especially as I’d forgotten and sent the order in so late. My grandchildren adore their birthday letters and the advent Christmas ones so much. Thank you all so much for keeping the magic alive. Jan Harvey, a truly grateful Nanna. X "

    – Jan, (May 2019)

  • "Hi there. Just a wee message before a late bedtime for my daughter. She loved her birthday letter from Elfie, we popped it where Elfies letters start appearing from. It was after the initial present opening and when she was getting into school uniform (we have a couple of days half term up in Scotland and last week) that she noticed it. Big beaming smile of instant recognition and she adored the tales of Marty’s parps. One happy 7 year old – Santa and Rudolph know its her birthday, result! Plus tooth fairy letter no.4 used last week, it was shown to so many people last Friday – lots of grandma’s (we were up at my folks) who were just enchanted by a child getting a letter rather than cold hard currency! Big huge thank yous once again x "

    – Cherry (Feb, 2019)

  • "We bought the advent package for my 8 year old Daughter this year, she had great fun everyday looking to see where all the letters had been left by the elves. These are great fun for all the family to sit & read the letters together & even the teenage children showed an interest. I would 100% recommend these to anyone & I can’t wait to see this year’s letters. "

    – Debbie (Jan, 2019)