The kids are my greatest critics – they’re as sharp as knives, with imaginations bigger than anything else in the world. If I get their seal of approval, then that’s very high praise indeed …

This is what the grown-ups say …

  • "We loved this years letters so much 😍 Freddie is 5, Amelia is 7 and Elijah is 13 ( and still loving the letters despite being in on the big secret 😉). Thank you again for all the wonderful Christmassy mornings 😍 Thank you xx "

    – Sadie (Jan, 2020)

  • "First of all can I say how gorgeous the letters were. The stories were so funny and interesting. Beautifully illustrated. The pack was worth every penny. Lovely memories made. "

    – Faye (Jan, 2020)

  • "Our son turned 12 yesterday and Elfie letters are a tradition with us.  He struggles with reading but read the letters out loud everyday this season … it really bolstered his confidence and we read them every night together as family a before bed. Missing them already! "

    – Lorna (Jan, 2020)

  • "Thank you so much for the letters, maps and everything else, we absolutely loved them! "

    – Leonie (Jan, 2020)

  • "Our daughter is 9yrs old & she was so excited when she received her letter on the 1st of December. Christmas is her favourite time of year & knowing that Santa’s elves picked her again to receive her letters every day leading up to Christmas totally made her day. She has Down syndrome & attends a mainstream school & has some amazing friends, every school day that she received a letter she took it into school & shared it with her friends, her teacher would start the day by reading the letter out to the class. She shared the magic x "

    – Michele (Jan, 2020)

  • "I just want to say a huge thank you. My son (age 5) loved his letters, he had laugh out loud moments at ‘bottoms and bazookas I’m magnificently brainy’ and ‘who would want pyjamas made out of reindeer poo!’ Brilliant. We also had a letter from Brian the chef…so we took that letter to show his great uncle Brian who was cooking Boxing Day meal. We had giggles about that too. Thanks again, Jo "

    – Jo (Jan, 2020)

  • "Wow we really enjoyed these letters as a family my children couldn’t wait to read them each day made our build up to Christmas extra special. Excellent quality. Thank you "

    – Sarah ( Dec, 2019)

  • "Highly recommend the elf letter bundle, it has really made it magical this year watching my 7 year old daughter’s face light up… she has been taking them to school so her teacher can share with the class… Really great quality!! Thank you international elf service xx "

    – Enya (Dec, 2019)

  • "Wow what can I say. The letters are amazing and really create a sense of excitement and joy in the lead up to Christmas. A definite way to keep the magic going with my 9 and 7 year olds = a very happy Mummy xx "

    – Sarah (Dec, 2019)

  • "These letters are absolutely brilliant! My 10 year old has been so animated when retelling me the contents! Wanted to keep the magic of Xmas alive for as long as possible and it’s working!! Such a fabulous and well put together package!! "

    – Steven (Dec, 2019)

  • "Thank you so much for making Christmas so magical. These are the most amazing letter and my daughter loves finding out what happening in the north pole and love the snow with the secret tunnels. Thank you so much for making her happy. We run the letter separate then the elf which she has. Thank you again. I may just get one more year xx "

    – Ruby (Dec, 2019)

  • "The Elf Letters have made our mornings so much easier; the kids aren’t allowed to read them until they are dressed! "

    – Ali (Dec, 2019)

  • "I can only just say to anyone looking for an extra little bit more magic at Christmas, that these letters are just perfect. This is our 5th year getting our letters and the excitement in our house is brilliant. My son jumps out of bed every morning and just can’t wait to hear what the elves are up to that day. I gifted my niece and nephew these extra special letters this year and my sister says the very same, the look on their little faces when she reads what’s happening is special. Thank you head elf Emily for making the most wonderful time in our house that little bit more special. Have an amazing Christmas, Big hugs from the Fox Family in Ireland x "

    – Claire (Dec, 2019)

  • "Amazing set of letters. My children are loving these even through they are a little older. Magical story… thank you x "

    – Roo (Dec, 2019)

  • "Our 10yr daughter was starting to doubt that Santa existed. However she was still as excited about the arrival of her favourite Elf on Dec 1st as ever before. I decided that perhaps having letters from her elf’s friends showing up every morning might help keep the Christmas magic going for another year….. It worked!! Not only is she excited to read about the latest adventure, but she writes back to them and can’t believe she ever doubted. Best of all for me though, is that she reads the letters to us every evening before dinner. This is a big deal as reading is her weakest strength and this is the first time she has been reading regularly to us with joy and pride. I have been recommending these letters to every parent (and aunt & uncle) that I know. Worth their weight in Christmas gold! "

    – Maeve (Dec, 2019)

  • "This is the third year I have purchased the elf letters for my grandchildren. They absolutely adore them! Every year they are completely different and just as exciting. The children can’t wait to hear what mischief they have been up too! I dread the day when they may become too old for them. I hope that’s a long way off. Beautifully written on exquisite paper, put in lovely envelopes and tied into a bundle with red string. Worth every single penny for the work, Commitment and imagination that goes in to every letter. "

    – Janice (Dec, 2019)

  • "I cannot recommend these enough! My daughter is getting the elf letters for the third year, and she is as delighted with them as the first time! She is 8 now, and most of her friends now doubt whether Santa and magic are real. But for her, the letters are proof that magic really exists :). "

    – Claudia (Dec, 2019)

  • "My daughter is 6 and is so excited each morning to get a letter from the Elves. We hide them so she has a game each morning to find where they’ve left it! The letters are supplied on high quality paper and are beautifully illustrated and written. Thank you so much for keeping the magic alive we will definitely do it again next year! "

    – Lisa (Dec, 2019)

  • "Brilliantly written and illustrated my 7 year old daughter flies out of bed every morning in December to go and find her letter from the Elves. And mum and dad love them too! "

    – Michael (Dec, 2019)

  • "The letters that my son is receiving from Elfie and his friends are absolutely wonderful and are really helping to keep the magic and wonder of Christmas alive for our 7 year old. Thank you so much for the fabulous service! "

    – Felicity (Dec, 2019)

  • "I brought these advent letters while at the spirit of Christmas. I was draw in by the feel and look of the actual letters. It all looked so magical. My son is autistic and loves a map. He is now totally obsessed with the North Pole map that comes with the set. I knew he would be and I was worried that the letters would make this worse for him. My worries were totally wiped away on day two. He is so excited to see his letter poking out of the letter box each morning. He loves the mischief and adventures the elf’s are on. It’s actually helped his huge and sometimes uncontrollable excitement for Christmas. His little sister really loves them too and it’s bringing out such love and sharing between them. The last couple of days I have heard the latest elf adventure being acted out in their play. I want to say thank you to the lady who listen to my concern and didn’t push me into buying them when she heard my reason. These letters really are making our Christmas this year. They are what Christmas is. Magical joyful and giving. My one bad point is that I am having to read each letter every night. Christmas eves bedtime is going to be a very long one. I would highly recommend these letter for anyone that really loves the magic of Christmas. "

    – Teresa (Dec, 2019)