The kids are my greatest critics – they’re as sharp as knives, with imaginations bigger than anything else in the world. If I get their seal of approval, then that’s very high praise indeed …

This is what the grown-ups say …

  • "We went to Lapland and it was just spectacular. I took the letters with me and got elves we met to say things in them and they knew Elfie but she (not sure if Elfie is a boy to you, but a she to us) was very busy ‘somewhere else’. Xxxxx "

    – Vicky (Jan, 2019)

  • "It was our first year with the letters and my boys loved them! Thank you for keeping the magic alive for our boys! "

    – Dani (Jan, 2019)

  • "Once again thanks for the fab ideas over Christmas – they really helped. And the children loved the letters! "

    – Zoe (Jan, 2019)

  • "These letters are simply wonderful. I recommend them to anyone and everyone I know x There is only one reason why I would not buy them this year (I may cry) as my son (8) figured out that he is not real? It was a very close call last year! I almost had a situation on Christmas Eve night at 3am when he was crying because he did not have a stocking in his room – the reason why there was no stocking is because ‘Father Christmas’ could not get in said room because said child would not go to sleep! Luckily I left it outside his door and he found it when he was on his way to wake me up with the ‘bad news’ – the most stressful night I have had for many many years! Honestly thought I would be explaining on Christmas morning – not what you or any kid needs. My next test will be in April when Elfie will write to him on his birthday (yet more fabulous letters from you). I certainly hope that my son still believes this year, not just for the magic of kids at Christmas, but so that I can still get the letters and have our Elfie deliver them everyday (we changed the rules for elf on the shelf and use him instead to deliver the letters along with a crazy antic and an advent treat) Thanks so much for a truly wonderful addition to our family Christmas tradition. Fingers crossed that we can continue x "

    – Lindsey (Jan, 2019)

  • "Amazing letters we love them. Even my 13 year old looks forward to reading them every day. "

    – Nicky (Jan, 2019)

  • "I decided to buy these letters as my son is Autistic and can often be quite matter of fact about things. My daughter is not and believes in all the magical! So I thought your letter bundle would inject a little bit of magic for both and they didn’t disappoint. Everyday they both enjoyed looking for the letters. My son was always interested in the story/ narrative of the letters and my daughter loved the pictures and hearing from the different elves, she always wrote back. We’ve done our equivalent of elf on the shelf (dasher the reindeer) for a few years now so this was a really welcome and well loved addition. Thank you xx "

    – Iona (Jan, 2019)

  • "On November 30th we went to Lapland uk but before we left I went into my daughter bedroom & left the certificate & map on her bed….we had a fantastic time at Lapland uk She was chatting to the elves & had a long chat with Santa. When we arrived home I had totally forgotten what I had left on her bed so when she came down the stairs with the biggest smile waving her certificate asking what it was I told her that she must have been so good & polite that the elves had chosen her then & wanted her to know straight away: that evening before she went to bed we placed the elves door next to the fire place & in the morning there she found her 1st letter….she was beaming. Then every morning leading up to Christmas was a day of pure magic for her. So thank u so much for helping keep the magic alive in our house….can’t wait until December xx "

    – Michele (Jan, 2019)

  • "Letters are going down an absolute treat!!! I can’t recommend your Elf letters enough. Amber & I got so much pleasure from them every Day. Honestly the letters brought so much joy … even I looked forward to reading them every morning. You’re never too old to believe!! Xx "

    – Adele (Jan, 2019)

  • "I *didn’t* buy them this year for my 9yr old son and deeply regret it. I’ll be buying them for next Christmas even though he’ll be 10! "

    – Kath (Jan, 2019)

  • "Got them first year and thought that would do, but they were talking about them in November so went for the full advent again. They were even more Excited by them this year and really got into the story. My eldest was most concerned about the Christmas Day smells! (They are 5&7) I shall definitely be getting them each year. I also agree they are happy to hear from all of the elves but Elfie definitely holds a special place in their hearts! #keepingthemagicalive "

    – Xena (Jan, 2019)

  • "I would like to thank you for making Christmas even more magical in our home! I bought the advent calendar letters for my daughter last year. She loved finding her letters every morning and read each of them over and over again. Despite all her excitement with them, I had decided that it was enough to do it once and I wouldn’t buy them again. I thought that she would probably forget them anyway. Then first of December arrived and the elf letters was all she would talk about. I explained to her that the elves were very busy and couldn’t write to every child every year, so they probably picked different children this year. She was disappointed, but accepted it. Then a few days later, I heard laughter when she was supposed to be in bed sleeping. I went up to find her reading all her elf letters, which she had kept neatly in their envelopes and stored in a box. This was when I decided to buy a mini bundle. The letters arrived quickly and I put out the congratulations letter and map first. When she found them she ran around the house squealing and laughing in excitement, and straight away prepared letters and little gifts to all the elves that had writen to her last year, and to Mother and Father Christmas (those Mother Christmas letters are indeed an essential part of the kit). I still had more days than letters to Christmas eve, so I put then out on random days, which made it even more exciting for her when she found one. Her only disappointment was that there was no letter from Elfie, who she considers to be her personal elf friend (a suggestion for next year?). Next Christmas my daughter will be 8 years old, but as long as she believes, she will get elf letters! I wish you success for 2019 and thanks again! "

    – Claudia (Dec, 2018)

  • "Magical and mesmerising Christmas letters from Santa’s Elves bring the spirit of Christmas to children of all ages. Our son has loved these for the past 3 years and I highly recommend them. "

    – Charlotte (Dec, 2018)

  • "Our children have been so so excited….the head of reception came to find me to say how the children have been so caught up in the amazement of the letters [mini letter bundle for schools] and have produced wonderful products AND even went to create the most amazing writing of their fun….. "

    – Mel (Dec, 2018)

  • "My girls are absolutely loving your elf stories ❤️❤️, they look every morning for a special envelope. The look on their faces is priceless 😍😍, they are so excited and happy to read about the elves adventures. Thank you so much, you have really have made their Christmas build up! ❤️ "

    – Jo (Dec, 2018)

  • "My kids love the daily letters from the North Pole. I can always tell, by their laughter, when Marty’s latest invention has not gone to plan or when there has been an incident involving loud noises and smells. It’s lovely to hear them reading something they so very clearly enjoy out aloud. Thank you for the early morning giggles. "

    – Mary (Dec, 2018)

  • "I was sure that my eldest son was doubting the magic but these letters from the Elves have continued the belief and my younger twins are just immersed in the antics of the Elves and loving it! thank you x "

    – Helen (Dec, 2018)

  • "Beautiful letters, wonderfully packaged. The magic and excitement of Christmas is delivered every morning by the elves! We can’t wait to see what mischief they get up to next! Thank you. "

    – K Edwards (Dec, 2018)

  • "This is the second year I have purchased the advent letters. They are truly magical. I look forward to hearing what the elves have been up to from my daughter. They are well written and beautifully illustrated. We hide them round the house to make finding them fun too. Sadly this may be the last Christmas my daughter believes but these letters will keep the magic alive in this home. "

    – Laura-Jane (Dec, 2018)

  • "Our son is loving getting the letters from the Elves and is going to the front door every morning to see if there is another. JUST MAGIC! So glad I found you at the Christmas show. Thanks again 🙂 "

    – Darren (Dec, 2018)

  • "This is the second year we’ve had the mini bundle of advent letters and my boys (7&6yrs) absolutely love them. They had been wondering in November if they’d get any letters again and love the excitement of receiving them re-reading them again during the following days. "

    – Anne-Marie (Dec, 2018)

  • "Absolutely brilliant [Mini Advent Bundle For Schools] pack! My class went mad when they saw the letters! They loved joining in with the Christmas activities and it prompted them to have a go at writing letters. I would definitely recommend to other teachers. "

    – Millie (Dec, 2018)