The kids are my greatest critics – they’re as sharp as knives, with imaginations bigger than anything else in the world. If I get their seal of approval, then that’s very high praise indeed …

This is what the grown-ups say …

  • "I was sure that my eldest son was doubting the magic but these letters from the Elves have continued the belief and my younger twins are just immersed in the antics of the Elves and loving it! thank you x "

    – Helen (Dec, 2018)

  • "Beautiful letters, wonderfully packaged. The magic and excitement of Christmas is delivered every morning by the elves! We can’t wait to see what mischief they get up to next! Thank you. "

    – K Edwards (Dec, 2018)

  • "This is the second year I have purchased the advent letters. They are truly magical. I look forward to hearing what the elves have been up to from my daughter. They are well written and beautifully illustrated. We hide them round the house to make finding them fun too. Sadly this may be the last Christmas my daughter believes but these letters will keep the magic alive in this home. "

    – Laura-Jane (Dec, 2018)

  • "Our son is loving getting the letters from the Elves and is going to the front door every morning to see if there is another. JUST MAGIC! So glad I found you at the Christmas show. Thanks again 🙂 "

    – Darren (Dec, 2018)

  • "This is the second year we’ve had the mini bundle of advent letters and my boys (7&6yrs) absolutely love them. They had been wondering in November if they’d get any letters again and love the excitement of receiving them re-reading them again during the following days. "

    – Anne-Marie (Dec, 2018)

  • "Absolutely brilliant [Mini Advent Bundle For Schools] pack! My class went mad when they saw the letters! They loved joining in with the Christmas activities and it prompted them to have a go at writing letters. I would definitely recommend to other teachers. "

    – Millie (Dec, 2018)

  • "Fabulous! The kids love getting the letters and it will hopefully prolong the magic of Christmas in our house for at least a few more years. "

    – Helen (Dec, 2018)

  • "True magic that enthralls my children everyday!! Even at 9 & 11 they SO look forward to sharing what the elves have been up to and feel privileged to have been specially chosen Beautifully illustrated and sprinkled with Christmas cheer! xxx "

    – Candice (Dec, 2018)

  • "These are so lovely, I bought them for my 7 year old granddaughter, she already has an elf, but getting all these letters from other elves is making it so much more magical. She cannot wait to show me them when I see her. "

    – Rosslyn (Dec, 2018)

  • "I couldn’t recommend these enough! Last year we had the complete advent bundle of letters and they went down a storm with my 7 yr old boy. Unfortunately December crept up on me this year and ended up having to order the mini bundle instead. I was exceedingly gratified when I heard my (now 8 yr old) exclaim “yeeeessss!” when he found the certificate this year. It’s debatable how long parents can work at keeping the magic of Christmas alive but these letters go a long way towards extending it! I love them and will make sure I get my order in promptly to get the full advent bundle for 2019! "

    – Jemma (Dec, 2018)

  • "This is a wonderful way to add some Christmas magic to the season. My kids are a bit older (7 and 10) and so I had fun with it, I made scavenger hunts, or left clues. When I went on a business trip I mailed letters. The story the letters tell is fun and engaging and the kids wanted to see how it turned out every day. "

    – Matthew (Dec, 2018)

  • "Second year we’ve been doing letters! I use the theme to tie in with Elves antics. Added bonus – it gets a reluctant 8yr old to read out loud! "

    – Bounce Back Mum (Dec, 2018)

  • "An amazing gift to share at Christmas. We have received advent letters for the past 4 years and the attention to details in the stories and illustrations never fail to amaze. A box of 24 little delights that allow me to watch my little boys delight and intrigue everyday. From what maybe happening with santa to Marty’s antics it is a magical experience i can only highly recommended. Emily and her team of elves can not be more helpful when it comes to enquiries and customer service. By far a superior service in all areas from delivery, simply beautiful paper and print to the candy cane rope the little touches show how much they care. Thank you Emily for all the Christmas magic we’ve received. "

    – Lyndsey (Dec, 2018)

  • "I brought these last year and couldnt wait to order again this year! The quality is amazing and the customer service is like nothing I have experienced before. The stories are simply brilliant and my daughter’s can’t wait to read them and see who has written to them each day. "

    – Clare (Dec, 2018)

  • "This is our second year getting the advent letters from Elfie and friends. The kids also received letters from her on their birthdays, they love them! The elves feel very much like real people, real friends now and add so much magic to Christmas. Thank you!! "

    – Natalie (Dec, 2018)

  • "Fantastic!! My 8 year old is absolutely loving receiving her Elf letters every day! Thank You so much for a brilliant idea! "

    – Adele (Dec, 2018)

  • "Your letters are beautiful! We just received our “away for Christmas” letter and it’s incredible! Well done for keeping some magic in the world x "

    – Maressa (Dec, 2018)

  • "Quality service!! It really is a rarity in today’s mass produced and money greedy society. Thank you so much Elf Service for keeping the magic in a commercialised world ❤️ "

    – Louise (Dec, 2018)

  • "Absolutely amazing letters. Both my girls are eager to discover their letter and can’t wait to read it, especially to their little brother. They love reading about what the elves are doing and what mishaps they get up too. The letters are printed on beautiful great quality paper. The stories are well written by an imagination that truly delights. Having had these letters before my girls can’t imagine a Christmas without them. And now having a little boy who is absolutely delighted with anything christmasy cant wait for him to be involved too. These truly help with the spirit of Christmas and help youngsters believe that bit longer. "

    – Katrina (Dec, 2018)

  • "My daughter’s face yesterday morning was priceless. I hid the letter in her homework diary and she found it when packing her bag up in the morning. I heard the shriek from upstairs 😂 The other two girls at school were ecstatic, it’s funny how much joy you get from seeing them. What a wonderful thing you create. You’ve made myself and my husband so happy and 3 little girls incredibly excited. "

    – Gillian (Dec, 2018)

  • " The letters have been a big hit this end, now my children realise there is one each day they have started searching for it when they get up. The letter is delivered for when the children wake in our house. The letters have been such fun. I can’t wait for them to see that it is from a different Elf tomorrow. "

    – Sarah (Dec, 2018)