The kids are my greatest critics – they’re as sharp as knives, with imaginations bigger than anything else in the world. If I get their seal of approval, then that’s very high praise indeed …

This is what the grown-ups say …

  • "Thank you so much for giving us the chance to squeeze every last drop of extra Christmassy magic out of this year which will be his last as a believer. "

    – Kirsty (Dec, 2016)

  • "The letters are going down very well! My sister says that my 6 year old nephew Leo gets up early every day and can’t wait to open each one 🙂 "

    – Steffie (Dec, 2016)

  • "Day one of Elfie’s new Candy Cane Christmas letters was a HIT! My 4 year old was so excited to start colouring – hard to persuade him to wait until after school, might have to wake the kids a tad earlier next time.  Thank you for the beautiful letters, great service, and for helping make our Christmas even more magical! Happy Christmas! ❤ "

    – Shannon (Dec, 2016)

  • "My children love these, you wouldn’t believe the amount of excitement these create in our household. I can’t wait until December to start hiding the letters and to see the look on their little faces when they realise that the Elves are writing to them again this year! "

    – Samantha (Nov, 2016)

  • "I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for your letters which I ordered for our After School Club. I wasn`t sure how well they would go down but we (the grown ups!!!) had soooooo much fun coming up with new hiding places every day for the children to find them, a little elf on the shelf came in very handy to keep a tight hold of each scroll. When the children discovered the letters they would all sit down to hear the latest adventure and even the older ones, who were not quite so keen on believing, managed to keep the magic alive for the younger children. We made a huge display board and everything we received has been laminated and put up on the board for all to see. This is a fantastic Elf Service and one I will be sure to recommend and use again. THANK YOU. Have a Very Merry Xmas and a Very Happy New Year 🙂 "

    – Helen (Dec, 2016)

  • "My children found their first letter in the fireplace today and I could hear the screams of delight from the kitchen, they were jumping up and down with excitement. Very pleased, thank you! "

    – Sallie (Dec, 2016)

  • "Loving the fun and games this is creating!  Happy Christmas and keep Elfing! "

    – Jenny (Dec, 2016)

  • "Worth every single penny to see the looks on my boys faces every single morning when we read the next day of Elfie’s adventures. I can’t imagine the run up to Christmas without them xxx "

    – Debbie (Dec, 2016)

  • "First words of the day every day, in this order… where’s Elfie hiding, will I have another letter! (Runs around looking).  These letters are amazing, worked fantastically along with Elf on the shelf (who isn’t very naughty but gets in the most unusual predicaments to listen and watch for reporting to Santa! This along with Santa’s calls and video messaging service, has brought everything together perfectly. The magical wonder, the spark in his eyes and that most perfect smile….I’ve honestly nearly cried.All that has been my perfect Christmas present. Only Complaint I have….MY SON WANTS TO GO TO LAPLAND NOW! So would santa and his elves kindly grant my bank account! Xx: "

    – Diane (Dec, 2016)

  • "My sons have loved getting their letters. My eldest took the first one they got, along with the map, into school (Year 1) and it has been read by all the children and the map was put up on the wall and poured over by the entire class daily. My middle one was searching the house today for the next letter and keeps asking why the elves only come at night. They are getting their next one in the morning, along with some chocolate coins in the little elf sacks. "

    – Caroline (Dec, 2016)

  • "Just wanted to say thank you! The letters are wonderful. My eldest daughter is 11 and has autism….she has really loved getting the letters and is reading them daily to younger siblings….its really helping them all connect Hope you have a wonderful Christmas xxx "

    – Sara (Dec, 2016)

  • "This is the first year I have ordered elfie letters and they have been brilliant. My almost 7 year old has loved finding them each morning. He’s convinced he’s the only child in the world that Elfie is writing to. He has even decided that it would be nice if he wrote to elfie each day! Thank u for helping to create a little bit more magic for my family this Christmas. I will thoroughly recommend these letters to any family who believes in father Christmas. Have a restful and peaceful Christmas. Xx "

    – Victoria (Dec, 2016)

  • "We are loving these little letters and how Elfie and Marty have found our new house in Lanzarote!! We are even going back to UK next week and I am sure they will even find the kids there!! "

    – Christine (Dec, 2016)

  • "The kids have been loving their elf letters, even my eldest who understands about Santa! "

    – Sarah (Dec, 2016)

  • "This is totally amazing, really brings some extra magic to Christmas.  My kids are so excited everyday to get the letter! "

    – Laura (Dec, 2016)

  • "Just to let you know we wrote a letter from Chippy (our Elf) stating he was in trouble because he forgot to bring the letters and so he’d hidden them round the house! So they both went on a mad hunt for them and loved loved loved them! Thank you! "

    – Wendy (Dec, 2016)

  • "Received our 1st ever box today & wow the quality is fantastic…..I left the certificate on my sons bed for him to find when he got home from school…..his face was a picture. I can’t wait until December 1st to give him his 1st letter xx "

    – Michele (Oct, 2016)

  • "Just had ‘Elfies’ Christmas letters delivered for my girls and I am amazed at the quality and how beautiful they really are!! I am already excited to keep the Magic alive this Christmas! I have also recommended you to friends!! Wow just wow.. well worth the money xxxx "

    – Maria, London (October 2016)

  • "These beautifully written letters really do add to the Christmas joy . We have been having them for 2 years and will be getting them this year . The excitement on my daughters face when she see the brown envelope from Elife is priceless. We love reading what has been happening in the North Pole . Secretly I really love them too . Can not recommend enough . Well worth the price you will not be disappointed. "

    – Amanda (Nov, 2016)

  • "I wish I could give more stars!! This service is just wonderful. The letters are funny and enchanting, the illustrations beautiful. The quality is excellent!! Excellent quality paper, envelopes and packaging all make such a difference. I’m really looking forward to starting this tradition. I’m not well and often worry that I’m not doing enough to make Christmas extra special for my little girl, who unfortunately is poorly too. It can be hard finding the time and energy to do things like pose elves etc. She will now be getting a letter every single day in the run up to Christmas. Thank you for helping me keep the magic alive. "

    – Lisa (Nov, 2016)

  • "Ordered the Candy Cane letters for my little ones. They are fantastic quality and beautifully illustrated. The level of customer service was first rate and the letters arrived really quickly. I can’t wait to see the children’s reactions to them. They are sure to add to the Christmas magic in our house this year! "

    – Natalie, (Oct, 2016)