The kids are my greatest critics – they’re as sharp as knives, with imaginations bigger than anything else in the world. If I get their seal of approval, then that’s very high praise indeed …

This is what the grown-ups say …

  • "The letters are brilliant, she’s more excited by them than her chocolate Advent Calendar. And that girl likes her chocolate! "

    – Jane, (Dec 2018)

  • "My son was regaling everyone in his class with news of the Burp O Meter and they all laughed their heads off before one boy comes over to him to say he too got that letter from Elfie this morning, and the one about the wind machine and the cinnamon mine. Two totally gobsmacked boys agog at the workings of Elves xxxx "

    – Sally (Dec, 2018)

  • "Just to say we are REALLY enjoying the letters this year. So colourful and funny. Thanks so much. "

    – Anonymous (Dec, 2018)

  • "The squealing in this house yesterday morning was amazing! Thank you. "

    – Nikki (Dec, 2018)

  • "I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how excited & delighted  Elodie & Edward were this morning to find their letter from Elfie. It’s so wonderful to hear their excitement as they’re shouting Mummy the elf’s been, he’s come back look look……. Thank you so much. It’s truly magical. "

    – Bev (Dec, 2018)

  • "Ours arrived this week. The children are going to absolutely love them. They are so delightful to read and I can’t wait to send them to my children. Thank you International Elf Service🎄🤶🎅⛄️ "

    – Laura (Nov, 2018)

  • "I have just received my letters in the post I ordered the 25 day advent calendar and I can not wait for Christmas to start leaving one a day for my daughter the most magical gift ever she is going to love them Thank you so much and fast delivery I only ordered on Tuesday 😀 "

    – Jemma (Nov, 2018)

  • "I bought the Elf Bundle last year for friends children and just had to do it again this year… the quality of the letters and the artwork is just beautiful and melted my heart looking through them and the effect the letters had each night on the children was absolutely wonderful x Thank You for keeping the magic alive 😊  "

    – Louise, (Oct, 2018)

  • "I ordered your Christmas letters to give to my children throughout December last year and my youngest son in particular absolutely loved them! By the end of December they were all attached to our fridge door, he left sweets out for the elves as a thank you for the letters and really got in to it! "

    – Wendy, (Oct, 2018)

  • "The Elves write the letters on small paper, and there is a magic machine that makes them bigger for us to read. "

    – Jack, aged 5 (2018)

  • "I can’t wait to get this year’s letters. This will be our third year of getting to sit and enjoy reading about all the antics of the north pole (I really hope it’s not our last). It is such a truly wonderful skill you have being able to create such magical stories for children and adults to enjoy together. I am so happy I stumbled across the International Elf Service when I did, we have magical memories to cherish forever. "

    – Kathleen, (2018)

  • "The ‘Farrow and Ball’ of Christmas letters. The quality is exceptional. "

    – Helen, (2018)

  • "I’m one of those mothers who’s always cross with the Tooth Fairy … because she always forgets to come. A friend told me about these letters, and said her boy loved his Ninja Fairy one. I’ve always said I can’t be doing with the hassle of letters. I can’t even manage a pound coin! It’s only because we were drinking wine that she persuaded me to buy one. My seven year old was completely over the moon when she found her letter parcel. The look on her face when she came to tell me was priceless. How can you not melt with that look? These letters are well worth it. Very cute, excellent quality and so magical. "

    – Niamh, (2018)

  • "I got the Mini bundle the first year, and hid them around the house at different times each day. She soon realised she’d get one each day, and would hunt for it. She was beside herself: jumping up and down, flapping her arms and squeaking with joy! I’ve loved it. Just to keep that childhood innocence, keeping Christmas magical and full of wonder for her for as long as possible. Building up that little bit of magic, and getting that warm fuzzy glow when I see her so excited. She loves hearing about how the North Pole works! I’ve loved the magic, the excitement my daughter felt, the memories and the imagination she has with the letters. The quality of paper, imagination and the illustrations gives them a personal touch and sets them aside from others on the market. I would say to anyone. Buy them. You won’t regret it. "

    – Cherry, (2018)

  • "Christmas Magic at its best 🎄 My Grandchildren absolutely love receiving Elf letters Watching their faces on reading them brings so much joy into the house I must admit I get excited when the time comes for ordering and receiving them 😊 Thank you Emily for your brilliant imagination "

    – Brenda, (2018)

  • "I got the smaller bundle of elf letters for my 2 boys (aged 5&6) at Christmas, they loved finding them every few days either in their bedroom or through the letterbox.. The excitement of random letters coming to them really added to our Christmas preparation…..and reminded them that the elves were around watching them too! I’m looking forward to getting them again for Christmas this year. "

    – Anne-Marie, (2018)

  • "Discovering the International Elf Service will be a parenting highlight for years to come as it has created some magical childhood memories both at Christmas and for the tooth fairy. My daughter has been enchanted with the idea that these wonderful, sometimes crazy but always fascinating elves write to her especially and regale their Antics on a daily basis. It has allowed the magic of Christmas to really begin in earnest on 1st December. Thank you Emily! "

    – Sharon, (2018)

  • "Got the Elf Daily Christmas letters last year and sent them to my son’s primary 1 school teacher, for the class, as a special secret Santa! The whole class got to read one together every day and had great fun hearing what the elves were up to!  A big hit and beautifully presented. They loved looking round the classroom each day to find the next letter! Thank You "

    – Fiona, (2018)

  • "I have bought Elfie’s letters for two years for my granddaughter, who is coming up 7, and my grandson who is 3. The letters are beautifully illustrated and you can add some colouring in (which I enjoy doing and leave a bit for the kids to finish!). The content is lovely and receiving these letters makes Christmas that much more magical. I will be buying again this year! "

    – Catherine, (2018)

  • "Where do I start? My grandchildren have received letters from the elves for three years and they are always delighted and excited to see where they are hidden and what the elves have been up to. This was the first year that my granddaughter received a birthday letter too and was so pleased. They are so well thought out and so much fun. Can’t wait to see this years. "

    – Jan, (2018)

  • "My 10 year old daughter and 5 year old son both loved receiving their letters from the elves and hearing all about what they were up to. It certainly kept the magic going longer for my daughter. My son loves to hear about the cheeky things that happened. As a parent I loved the nightly elf reminders and tips of where to hide the next days letter. I will definitely be ordering again for this year and have highly recommend them to my friends. "

    – Carole, (2018)