The kids are my greatest critics – they’re as sharp as knives, with imaginations bigger than anything else in the world. If I get their seal of approval, then that’s very high praise indeed …

This is what the grown-ups say …

  • "Two Christmases ago, I discovered The International Elf Service however By this time it was too late to purchase the letters in time for Christmas as the season was almost over. I vowed to myself that I would purchase these for my daughter the following year as I had just begun the elf on the shelf tradition and am always looking for new traditions to start. So last Christmas I ordered the full set of letters from Elfie to distribute each day. When they arrived I was so impressed, everything from the paper, writing, art, words, the box they arrived in, the ribbon used to tie the box up, it was all perfect. It was clear that a lot of thought and love had gone into these letters. My daughter received her certificate to say that she would be receiving letters throughout Christmas and it was the most excited she had been in a while. She was so proud of herself for being chosen to receive the letters. She would leave little gifts for the elves for when they came to drop off another letter which are now all safely packed away in the box that the letters arrived in. I have already ordered a set of letters for this Christmas and I am looking forward to seeing what Elfie is up to this year! "

    – Kelsie, (2018)

  • "The international elf service worked so well in our house. Our daughter absolutely loved the letters coming through the letterbox in the run up to Christmas, and beyond. The elves even remembered her birthday! These letters add to the festive magic, and are special memories to cherish forever. Delphine x "

    – Delphine, (2018)

  • "We bought the mini selection of letters last year for our 5 year old boy. He loved hearing the adventures of the elves – especially Marty (he seems nicely mischievous) he even talked about him during spring, wondering what he’d be up to! He loved getting the letters and asked frequently if the elves had left another letter under his pillow, wonderful idea for growing the magic x "

    – Ang (2018)

  • "We have had Elfies letters the past two years, they help bring the magic of Christmas alive in so many ways and my daughter so looks forward to finding and reading them. Her reaction is priceless. We can’t wait to read them this year. Thank you for helping create magical memories. Lots of love and gratitude "

    – Kathleen, (2018)

  • "My 8 yr old loved receiving the letters. I though perhaps she’d be less of a believer, but these letters have extended it! Her birthday is Dec 22nd, so she loved her birthday letter too, and I’ll be ordering again this year. "

    – Sue, (2018)

  • "I think you’ve created a marvellous product that me and my kids adore. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Elfie! The stories within the letters are so magical and our kids can’t wait for each new instalment. The letters are beautifully illustrated and of really high quality. In the height of Summer, our youngest is still chatting about cheeky Marty! The letters are beautifully packaged and come with lots of little extras to keep the magic alive. Well done International Elf Service! I wonderfully festive product. Merry Christmas one and all! "

    – Lucy, (2018)

  • "Your letters are nothing less than magical. From the wrapping, to the drawings, down to the stories. My girls loved getting to know about the different elves, and anytime something naughty happened, they blamed it on Marty. Your letters brought Christmas to a whole other level, and I cannot imagine having a Christmas without these letters included. Thank you for contributing so much of your time to make these legit. You. Are. Amazing! "

    – Sonya, (2018)

  • "We absolutely loved the Christmas advent letters from Elfie. Beautifully and thoughtfully produced. My husband and I enjoyed them almost as much as my daughter did. It was nice to not only hide/find the lette4s but to read them together. Such a great countdown to Christmas and we will definitely be getting them again this year (that reminds me…I really need to get my pre-order in!). I thoroughly recommend. My daughter’s birthday is in September and she is really into fairies so I’ll definitely be ordering one of the birthday letters to. Thanks for making something so amazing. "

    – Lisa, (2018)

  • "My children love getting their Elf letters at christmas, and the excitement each morning when they run around looking for their elf and reading all about the latest adventures in and around santas workshop. It is part of our christmas tradition, and helps to make their christmas memories magical ones. Thank you. "

    – Lucy, (2018)

  • "You know you’re onto a winner when randomly in June a small child blurts out ‘Mummy, I really hope we get some letters from Elfie at Christmas again, that was so cool.’ "

    – Vicky, (2018)

  • "Great quality. Worth every penny just to see the look on a child’s face. I will be buying these letters again this year. "

    – Paula (Jan, 2018)

  • "I got letters from Elfie for my nephew who was 5 at the time and lives a 3 hours drive from me. He loved getting the letters and he and my sister would sit and read them together when he got home from school. On the days I would face time he would tell me all that had happened at the North Pole. They made it a magical December for him and me!  Thank you. "

    – Louise, (2018)

  • "I bought the Elf letters for my 6 year old daughter after seeing them on Facebook. The idea of a magical Christmas really appealed to me as sometimes I think today’s children have lost that magic and wonder. The letters were on beautiful sturdy paper and all personally addressed and dated. We had so much fun each day searching for where Elfie had left them and reading the continuing story. I can’t recommend them highly enough and have told lots of people about them. They are a wonderful way to celebrate the build up to Christmas and a fabulous keepsake. "

    – Elizabeth, (2018)

  • "I bought the Elfie Christmas letters for the first time last Christmas and I was amazed by the quality and quickness of delivery. My 5 year old son loved the letters and woke up every morning looking for his letter from Alfie. I will be getting them again this year as we are both looking forward to Elfie’s new adventures. "

    – Danielle, (2018)

  • "I rarely leave any reviews anywhere and perhaps that’s a sign of someone who is hard to please but oh my goodness, this company is utterly fantastic!!! The letters, the stories, the way in which it was packaged and the speedy delivery all completely fantastic and well worthy of a 5 star rating. I will be signing up to the various lists that are available and would highly highly recommend. Keep doing what you’re doing. This comes from one mother who spends her days trying to keep the magic alive! Well done.  "

    – Merry, (2018)

  • "Magical letters and wonderful customer service. My boys loved the Christmas letters and eagerly searched for them each morning. My eldest loves his tooth fairy letters which cheer him up with a story which you have to read with a special magnifying glass. Then there are the fantastic birthday letters from their elf Elfie! This year I forgot to order in plenty of time but we still got it in on the day and I was even reminded that I had sent the same one I ordered last year! and so a replacement one was found and sent out instead. Cannot recommend them highly enough. "

    – Sam, (2018)

  • "Last year I decided to try Elfie’s Christmas letters, after the smaller set the year before had been a massive success. My children were 5 and 3 and I was a bit worried that they would be too young and get bored with receiving them every day in December but they absolutely loved them!! In fact they still talk about those letters now and the other day they were even wondering if they would get them this coming Christmas as we are going away over the Christmas period (I have already preordered this years batch!!). They decided that Elfie and the gang would know where we had gone so it would be fine. They were also wondering what Marty had been up to already. I love the little bit of extra magic that it brings to the already exciting time of year. I think these letters are something that my children will remember fondly for the whole of their lives. I would recommend to anyone. "

    – Zoe (2018)

  • "First letter delivered today! She loved it so much and read it with daddy, lovely memory making moments! Thank you! "

    – Connie (January, 2018)

  • "My grandchildren,7 and 4, have been lucky enough to receive Elfies Christmas letters for the past two years. They absolutely love them, and get so excited to discover the letters, and love telling their friends all about them. The letters are wonderfully written and presented , and make the run up to Christmas even more magical. They are our new Christmas tradition . "

    – Christinne, (2018)

  • "My two children Jessica (10) and Luke (8) really enjoy receiving your letters. Jessica is very much on the verge of being a non believer (!!) outrageous I know. The Christmas letters have helped to keep the magic alive and with the birthday letters, we will hopefully have another magical Christmas this year too. Thank you so much "

    – Sharon (2018)

  • "Just wanted to say thank you for the very quick arrival of my son’s birthday letter. Love it. But what I love more is the personal touch and the hand written note by yourself. Can’t remember the last time i got a hand written letter from a company. You are so busy but still have the time to do this. Thank you. You are fantastic and make lots of happy children and adults. Love what you do. ***** 5 stars from me xxx can’t wait to get the 2018 christmas letters! "

    – Kelly (Jan, 2018)