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  • January 10, 2019
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Lindsey (Jan, 2019)

These letters are simply wonderful. I recommend them to anyone and everyone I know x There is only one reason why I would not buy them this year (I may cry) as my son (8) figured out that he is not real? It was a very close call last year! I almost had a situation on Christmas Eve night at 3am when he was crying because he did not have a stocking in his room – the reason why there was no stocking is because ‘Father Christmas’ could not get in said room because said child would not go to sleep! Luckily I left it outside his door and he found it when he was on his way to wake me up with the ‘bad news’ – the most stressful night I have had for many many years! Honestly thought I would be explaining on Christmas morning – not what you or any kid needs.

My next test will be in April when Elfie will write to him on his birthday (yet more fabulous letters from you). I certainly hope that my son still believes this year, not just for the magic of kids at Christmas, but so that I can still get the letters and have our Elfie deliver them everyday (we changed the rules for elf on the shelf and use him instead to deliver the letters along with a crazy antic and an advent treat)

Thanks so much for a truly wonderful addition to our family Christmas tradition. Fingers crossed that we can continue x