Hi I’m Emily …

I have three children, including a little boy with Down’s Syndrome. We live in a tall thin house in North London, with two cats. I (Elfie), started writing these little magical Elf notes in 2010 for my own children, and the International Elf Service was born.

Do you remember that amazing magical feeling you had as a child? When you hung up your Christmas Stocking on Christmas Eve, or carefully tucked your tooth under your pillow for the Tooth Fairy, too excited to sleep? In your imagination, anything was possible.

That’s what I love so much. When children get uncontrollably excited and their faces become one big WOW! This is one of the reasons I first created these unique personalised Elf and Fairy letters for our three young children. I wanted to give them what I would have loved as a child. Handcrafted and printed on special recycled paper, making my Elf and Fairy letters look truly authentic and ‘handled’.

I’m passionate about this small window of make-believe time, which young children are able to believe in. So much so, my friends and colleagues have nick-named me Elfie! I’m also passionate about supporting children’s well-being, which is why I developed a collection of Fairy & Tooth Fairy letters, specifically designed to support children’s emotional health and development.

And the best bit for us grown-ups? We get all the pleasure from those happy smiling faces from our very excited children, one of the best feelings in the world.

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Reading a Special Elf letter - International Elf Service
Opening a Special Elf letter - International Elf Service
Reading a Special Elf letter at Christmas - International Elf Service