The kids are my greatest critics – they’re as sharp as knives, with imaginations bigger than anything else in the world. If I get their seal of approval, then that’s very high praise indeed …

This is what the grown-ups say …

  • "Received our 1st ever box today & wow the quality is fantastic…..I left the certificate on my sons bed for him to find when he got home from school…..his face was a picture. I can’t wait until December 1st to give him his 1st letter xx "

    – Michele (Oct, 2016)

  • "I just found the North Pole Christmas Letters really last minute and by pure chance on Facebook, but it really added to that last week run up to Christmas . I hung them on the Christmas tree and my middle guy just found it and opened it and the excitement was unreal. He even brought them into school to show everyone . I can’t wait to see his face this year when he has one to open every day!! . The fact that you can put their 3 names on it makes it all the more special. I just love everything about them. They presentation of them is just beautiful and so like something you would imagine really coming from the North Pole! Long may you deliver xx "

    – Claire (September 2016)

  • "Well the 3 boys just discovered their first letters this morning! Santa or his elves had left them by their pillows and they couldn’t wait to show them to me at 7:15!!!!! This morning. This is it !, the real excitement and build up over the next few days. I can’t wait to see their little faces over the coming days to see if there’s more surprises …This is definitely going to be our new Christmas tradition. Thank you for such quick delivery I just love them. Have a very Happy Christmas with warmest wishes from Ireland. "

    – Claire, Ireland (Dec 2015)

  • "I wish you could see how much excitement and joy your letters bring to the children who read them Emily. The first words out of my boys mouth this morning was ‘mummy, mummy! It’s Elfie’s letter day’. We’ve read the letter twice. Cole had to sniff it to make sure it didn’t smell of elephant poo. Seb said ‘oh that Marty is a naughty one’ and now won’t put the map down. We’ve got another 23 days of magic 🙂 "

    – Debbie (Dec, 2015)

  • "Perfect, thank you – pleased they arrived so quickly. I’m impressed with the beautiful expression of your idea – a joy to open! "

    – Claire, Warwickshire (Dec 2015)

  • "I’ve just got to say, I’ve only given my daughter the one so far and already the non-believer believes again. I’m so chuffed it’s unreal. "

    – Sarah (Dec, 2016)

  • "So we opened our first letter today to screaming and dancing and yelling and calling our uncle in Australia to tell him how even Santa’s Elves write letters and how we got one etc etc etc….couldn’t capture on video as didn’t expect quite the crazy response but will video it tomorrow…THANK YOU SO MUCH…His little face was alight with so much happiness it was amazing… 🙂 "

    – Rajni (Dec 2015)

  • "The kids were so excited when the certificate came. This morning I left a trail of glittery holly to the letter. Tomorrow it’s in the fridge. I can’t thank you enough. I’m totally out of my depth at Christmas and Elfie is making it magical. "

    – Lindsey, London (Dec, 2015)

  • "My daughter actually asked Santa in her letter to Santa to get Elfie to write to her this year again. She was extremely excited receiving the letter this morning. She enjoyed Elfie’s first letter (particularly the elephant poo reference) and is very excited about what Mother Christmas is going to tell Elfie tomorrow. "

    – Nies (Dec, 2015)

  • "My children (and I) have LOVED the letters from the North Pole from International Elf Service this year! It’s been fun hiding them, and them finding and reading them. If you want something that wee bit extra to make December fun, we’d give them the big thumbs up!! "

    – Mad House Of Cats & Babies Blog (Dec 2015)

  • "This is the first year we have done this,we did the whole “elf comes to stay” thing last year…my son is autistic and he found that too much,but he was over the moon this morning with their letter from Elfie and he is treasuring the North Pole map! So thank you so much for providing some magic into our whole families life this Christmas!x "

    – Mel (Dec, 2015)

  • "After worrying about Phoebe having doubts this year I showed her the Elfie Instagram account this morning. She was absolutely amazed and asked if she can write to him when she gets home from school! She is so excited about possibly getting letters from him again this year! She has her own Instagram on her iPod (just for following her friends and only using with parental supervision) and asked if she’s allowed to follow Elfie now too. Her reaction absolutely made my day! "

    – Kylie (Dec, 2015)

  • "Another letter from the Elves waiting to be discovered! @IntElfService I can’t explain the joy these have brought! "

    – Samantha (Dec 2015)

  • "They are awesome. I only got the small set and when my son finally found the certificate he ran upstairs so fast to tell his dad he fell over and busted up his foot lol. It also went into school with him and when the elves send him the special letters he know has to take them to school for his teacher to read to the whole class 😀 "

    – Lauren (Dec, 2015)

  • "Second year running and we are thoroughly enjoying our elfie letters already! This year my son’s best friend is getting the letters for the first time and I can’t wait for the boys to discover this and talk about it!! It’s a firm tradition now in our house and my son looks forward to them so much. We actually count down to elfie letters arriving rather then Xmas day in our house!! Even the tooth fairy wrote to will and mentioned elfie in the summer "

    – Victoria (Dec, 2015)

  • "We’re over joyed with our package, everything is so so beautiful. A & T opened their first letter from Elfie tonight, I can’t thank you enough for sharing the magic, they both LOVED it. X "

    – Storm, London (Dec, 2015)

  • "Big thanks for emergency letters. Wish I’d video’d Ez opening it, so I could show you. When I got home, she’d written a letter to Elfie pleading for him to write to her. She was passed herself with excitement when she found the letter in the bath!! So very sweet. Thank-you!! Xx "

    – Rebecca, London (Dec, 2015)

  • "Thank you Elfie and all your elf buddies for another fantastic lead up to Christmas for my family. My 15 year old loved your letters just as much as my 8, 9 and 13 year olds. Your letters bring the magic of Christmas into our home in the most exciting way. We have had family discussions over dinner about whether Lily has Father Christmas’ new socks ready in time and about who would share Marty’s top bunk on a sleep over, among many other things. Christmas is no longer about Father Christmas and nine reindeer; there is a whole world of adventure that my children want to know more about. Wishing you all a great Christmas and a restful 2016 – until, of course, the preps for next year begin again. "

    – The Ellwoods, Sligo (Dec 2015)

  • "Two letters have arrived so far and [she] loves them!  It’s helped Christmas start nice and gently – she as at fever pitch in October!! "

    – Anna, London (Nov, 2015)

  • "Emily I LOVE the [North Pole Christmas} letters!!!! Super excited about them!! I’ve left her 1st one out for tonight!!! She’s soooooo excited!!! She was gobsmacked. Told me only people who had powder up there noses can see elves! I was weak with laughter. (I think when they had the routine flu powder in school the nurses must have told them it was so that they can see the elves at xmas). I’ve pin pointed 21 Nov. .. 27 Nov. ..6..9…12..17 and 23rd Dec for her to have letters. She wants to take the certificate and map into school tomorrow! "

    – Elaine, Wales (Nov 2015)

  • "Ohhh Emily, I’ve just had a read through [Elfie’s Birthday Letter – Musical Paarps] and it’s truly magical. Thank you for your lovely creation, he will love this xxx "

    – Billie, London (Nov, 2015)