Meet the Elves

The International Elf Service delivers the very latest secrets and snippets from the North Pole to your home! Unique bundles of handcrafted daily Elf Letters bursting with Christmas magic, for a very magical December … or a special one-off Elf letter for some all-year round North Pole magic. Our Advent Calendar (Elfie’s Christmas Letters) is a chapter book in disguise.

Pop an Elf letter by their toothbrush each day on the countdown to Christmas, or tuck it into the cereal box for them to find …!

Imagination is a wonderful thing. All our Elves have such strong and distinct characters, your children will decide exactly what each of them looks like … !

If you want to learn more, please see our FAQ page…



Elfie: chief letter writer

Elfie’s a sweet loveable letter writing and amateur painting Elf, who’s extremely chatty and loves writing to children! Fairly young in Elf years, Elfie gets totally overexcited by every little thing and is often at the brunt of Marty’s tricks and inventions. Some children swear Elfie’s a girl. Others are adamant Elfie’s a boy. Will we never know for sure?


Marty: joke lover, inventor

Marty loves pranks, inventions, experiments and sweets, and is always up to something. And this year is no exception! He’ll do anything to avoid hard work, or any work. The question is … has his new Magic Potion turned out as he’d hoped? He didn’t like how it tasted first of all, so he added a couple of things to sweeten it up. But … was this a big mistake? And will his new Automatic Dressing Machine ever work properly??


Lily: prizes manager, expert knitter

Being the most organised Elf, Lily’s started one of her infamous “Important Lists”. The Elves have been invited to a Disco Sleepover in the new Magical Ice tree on Christmas Eve! Among the prizes Lily has planned, are Magic Sprinkles (which change your hair colour as many times as you like, for one week), and a voucher to miss ONE weekly bath. Lily thinks Marty’s highly unlikely to win the “Best Behaviour After Festive Midnight Feast” prize! Lily’s favourite way to relax is by knitting long stripy socks for the Elves.


Dani: carpenter, engineer

Dani’s never happier than when he has a project: whether it’s carving an emergency replacement antler for Rudolph, fixing the In-Flight Compass so The Sleigh can stay on course, or unblocking one of the pipes in the Magical Wind Machine. His list of things to sort out, seems to be growing!  The big Clock in the Elves’ Workshop, which usually sings “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” to whoever arrives at the door, has been playing ‘There’s A Worm at the Bottom of My Garden” instead. Which is totally UN-Christmassy and not at all welcoming! But his most urgent job is to mend the Jingle Bells on The Sleigh. They’re all battered and bent, and sound terrible. He’s also adding a few exciting ‘extras’ to The Sleigh this year … including an Ejector Catapult!


Jenny: north pole gardener

Jenny’s rather prone to mishaps and falling over, and often seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. She’s also the chief gardener in the North Pole Garden, and excitedly reports the Catch-Me-If-You-Can bushes have sprouted! They have something extremely precious growing on their leaves, and the Elves only have 23 seconds to collect them before the bushes vanish again. What can they be? And a VERY unusual blue plant did something very unexpected …


Stan: chief miner

Stan’s the Chief Miner in the Cinnamon Mine. He has a permanent twinkle in his eye and is particularly good at drawing. He’s one of the older Elves and knows more about the workings of the Cinnamon Mine than anyone, even Father Christmas!  They were all woken up at precisely quarter past three in the early hours of the morning, by a loud GUSH. The Mine was flooding with Hot Chocolate! Despite drinking twelve mugfuls each, the Cinnamon Mine continued to flood! Will they manage to get out in time?


Lyra: computer geek

Lyra’s the new Elf on the block. She’s been hired by Father Christmas from the North Pole Route Planning Department, to prevent the Sleigh from crash landing like it did last Christmas Eve! Lyra’s a total whizz at computers, wears purple specs and is super cool. She’s more than capable of completing this extremely important mission, and in record time. Lyra’s also come up with a clever contraption to get the reindeer back on course if they get distracted …

Dave the Stitch: underwear designer

Dave The Stitch and the other Elves in Pine Needle Lodge, are working with a rather exciting selection of 40 different fabrics for Father Christmas’ special Christmas Eve Safety Underwear. They’re planning some very excellent safety features to cover all eventualities! The underwear controls will be linked up to Lyra’s new Computerised Route Planning System, to ensure the right feature is activated at the right time.