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Mini Personalised Letter Bundle, With Christmas Activities


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An amazingly magical 8 Day Countdown to Christmas.

Exquisitely handcrafted and personalised letters, full of magical Christmassy things to do! ‘Perfect rainy day activities’.

Age 3+

Elfie borrows Father Christmas’ computer to write to all the children in your family. You choose where & when your children find the letters, to create a magical family tradition for you and your children to enjoy. Where will they appear this time?  In shoes, in school bags, on the door mat, in with their toys … ?

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We deliver a well-disguised package to you, containing …

  • 7 personalised letters, each signed by Elfie, addressed to your child(ren), and with hand-drawn illustrations.
  • 8 lengths of North Pole Candy Cane Twine to tie each letter into a *LOOSE* scroll, OR 8 personalised envelopes purchased as an extra.
  • A Certificate from the Postmaster General congratulating the children for being chosen to receive the letters.
  • A Map of the North Pole Village to help set the scene for the Elves’ adventures.
  • An Emergency Letter from Mother Christmas explaining why Elves aren’t allowed to reply to letters from children, but encouraging them to continue doing so.  Believe me, this will be very handy!

Goes well with: Letter From Father Christmas
Do you need Extra Maps?

The Christmas 2018 letters include:
  • A very simple recipe for Sugar Mice (totally delicious)
  • A simple Christmas craft – to make Indoor Snow to make Indoor Snowmen!
  • ‘Can You Find?’ (Items from the Elves’ bedroom in Cranberry Cabin, after they’ve made a terrible mess)
  • A game of Christmas Tree Toss
  • Hunt for sticks and make a Reindeer Decoration!
  • Have a Christmas Star Treasure Hunt!
  • The Elves have wrapped up some Christmas Presents, and need help colouring them in!


* For older children who prefer more story based letters, see Advent Calendar, 25 Personalised Letters, or excerpts: the Mini Personalised Letters, Full of North Pole News

“My son preferred to receive Elfie letters each day, rather than get Christmas presents from Santa, speaks volumes. Authentic, age appropriate and most importantly, magical!”
Nicola, (Jan 2018)


Product Materials

Sisal Twine — 100% harvested from renewable resources
Paper — 100% recycled
Envelopes — 100% recycled

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reviews (3)

This product made our Christmas! Every morning my son rushed downstairs to see what his new best friend had left for him. Put my creative mind racing and enjoyed hiding letters in different places and improvised daily. On Christmas Eve, my son burst into tears as he said he didn’t want Elfie to go. He preferred to receive Elfie letters each day, rather than get Christmas presents from Santa, speaks volumes. Next year will get the daily package!
Authentic, age appropriate and most importantly, magical!

– Nicola Such (Jan 2018)

I just love these pages. Top quality paper and they look amazing. I think they are value fir money and will be looking to buy something similar next year. A very well thought out product.

– Paula Coomber (Nov 2017)

I was a little disappointed with these letters. Some of the activities aren’t really suitable for a 4 year old such as word search and dot to dot. It’s a real shame as there is only a few activities that my daughter would be able to do.

– Katie (Nov 2017)

    Hi Katie – thank you for your feedback. Do you think the activities are too easy or too hard for her?

    – Elfie (Nov 2017)