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North Pole Christmas Letter Bundle 2019 – PRE-ORDER


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⭐️Pre-order for Christmas 2019. Brand new letters, dispatching from September 2019. Photos and product description will be updated when this year’s letters are finished.

An amazingly magical 8 Day Countdown to Christmas.

Exquisitely handcrafted and personalised letters, full of newsy snapshots from the North Pole … for a huge dollop of Christmas Magic! 100% Recycled Paper.

Age 5+

*these letters are also included in our beautiful handcrafted Advent Calendar … Elfie’s Christmas Letter Bundle 2019

The Elves borrow Father Christmas’ computer to write letters full of secrets and snippets from the North Pole, to all the children in your family.

You secretly deliver a new letter on their behalf, on the lead up to Christmas. Pop one by their toothbrush, in their shoes, on the door mat, or in their school bags … !



We deliver a well-disguised package to you, containing …

  • A Certificate from the Postmaster General congratulating the children for being chosen to receive the letters.
  • A Map of the North Pole Village to help set the scene for the Elves’ adventures.
  • 7 letters, each by a different elf, addressed to your children, and illustrated in their individual styles, complete with splodges and smudges.
  • 8 lengths of North Pole Candy Cane Twine to tie each letter into a scroll, OR 8 personalised envelopes purchased as an extra.
  • An Emergency Letter from Mother Christmas explaining why Elves aren’t allowed to reply to letters from children, but encouraging them to continue doing so.  Believe me, this will be very handy!

Goes well with: Letter From Father Christmas
Do you need Extra Maps?


“Absolutely beautiful. These letters are such a joy for kids to receive, it’s going to be my 2nd year of doing this & I would 100% recommend everyone with little believers to do this too.” – Michele, (Sep 2017)


Seven Elves from the North Pole have borrowed Father Christmas’ computer to write a lovely personalised newsy letter. For you to deliver on their behalf.  With each delivery, your child(ren) will gain a snapshot of what’s happening in the North Pole as they prepare for the ‘Big Delivery’ on Christmas Eve. Each letter is from a different Elf, with a new piece of news to tell …

… loves pranks, inventions, experiments and sweets, and is always up to something. And this year’s no exception! He’ll do anything to avoid hard work. Or any work. The question is … has his new Magic Potion turned out as he’d hoped? He didn’t like how it tasted first of all, so he added a couple of things to sweeten it up. But … was this a big mistake? And will his new Automatic Dressing Machine ever work properly??

… the new Elf on the block. She’s been brought in by Father Christmas from the North Pole Route Planning Department, to prevent the Sleigh from crash landing like it did last Christmas Eve! Lyra’s a total whizz at computers, wears purple specs and is super cool. She’s also come up with a clever contraption to get the reindeer back on course if they get distracted …

… the chief gardener in the North Pole Garden, excitedly reports the Catch-Me-If-You-Can bushes have sprouted! They have something extremely precious growing on their leaves, and the Elves only have 23 seconds to collect them before the bushes vanish again. What can they be? And a VERY unusual blue plant did something very unexpected …

…being the most organised Elf, has started one of her infamous “Important Lists”. The Elves have been invited to a Disco Sleepover in the new Magical Ice tree on Christmas Eve! Among the prizes Lily has planned, are Magic Sprinkles (that change your hair colour as many times as you like, for one week), and a voucher to miss ONE weekly bath. Lily thinks Marty’s highly unlikely to win the “Best Behaviour After Festive Midnight Feast” prize!

… his list of things to sort out, seems to be growing! The big Clock in the Elves’ Workshop that usually sings “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” to whoever arrives at the door, has been playing ‘There’s A Worm At the Bottom Of My Garden” instead. Which is totally UN-Christmassy and not at all welcoming! But his most urgent job is to mend the Jingle Bells on The Sleigh. They’re all battered and bent, and sound terrible! He’s also adding a few exciting ‘extras’ to The Sleigh this year … including an Ejector Catapult!

… the Chief Miner in the Cinnamon Mine, (and is particularly good at drawing). They were all woken up at precisely quarter past three in the middle of the night, by a loud GUSH. The Mine was flooding with Hot Chocolate! Despite drinking twelve mugfuls each, the Cinnamon Mine continued to flood! Will they manage to get out in time?

Dave The Stitch
… and the other Elves in Pine Needle Lodge, are working with a rather exciting selection of 40 different fabrics for Father Christmas’ special Christmas Eve Safety Underwear. They’re planning some very excellent safety features to cover all eventualities! The underwear controls will be linked up to Lyra’s new Computerised Route Planning System, to ensure the right feature is activated at the right time!

“My boys are completely spellbound by these!” – Lydia, (Dec 2017)

Product Materials

Sisal Twine — 100% harvested from renewable resources
Paper — 100% recycled
Envelopes — 100% recycled


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reviews (40)

Fabulous! The kids love getting the letters and it will hopefully prolong the magic of Christmas in our house for at least a few more years.

– Helen (Dec 2018)

These are so lovely, I bought them for my 7 year old granddaughter, she already has an elf, but getting all these letters from other elves is making it so much more magical. She cannot wait to show me them when I see her.

– Rosslyn Edwards (Dec 2018)

My grandchildren loved these letters and it added such a sense of anticipation in the run up to Christmas.
Definitely ordering more next year! Thank you for such a wonderful and well executed idea. Merry Christmas x

– Yana Kennedy (Dec 2017)

Absolutely beautiful! Magical tales, extremely luxurious paper… they’re just so authentically North-Poley!! Love them and my boys do too 😀 xx

– Joanna (Dec 2017)

This is our second year of Elfies letters, such a great item to keep December mornings fun my son absolutely loves to see what all the Elves have been up to. Can’t wait to see what happens next year!!

– Cheryl Phillips (Dec 2017)

Brilliant. Even at 10 my daughter is loving finding out what the elves get up to. Really beautiful quality and a great keepsake as well. Fantastic service. A lovely lead up to Christmas

– Marie Prime (Dec 2017)

Received the mini letters last week.
Very speedy delivery.
My children are 7.5 and 9 and they love these letters. They are well written and beautifully illustrated. They certainly add an extra bit of magic to our Christmas!

– Judith (Dec 2017)

These are a great way to enhance the magic of Christmas and it’s unique too. My daughter is 9 and enjoys finding the letters. We went to Lapland when she was 5 and use the map to talk about the memories we made there. Love the recycled paper and the elves’ sketches and splodges! They look totally authentic. I have read that the letters are different each year too. Well done International Elf Service!

– Carly (Dec 2017)

These are amazing! My 8 year old is so excited to receive he next one! I’ve just ordered the Father Christmas letter for Christmas Day to finish it off,can’t wait! Magical! Thank you.

– caraprice1 (Dec 2017)

I have these letters to help my little boy, who has autism, to gauge the time in the lead up to Christmas, and keep interest going, my daughter loved them too and even showed her class! Highly recommend these….amazing!

– penny williams (Dec 2017)

These are amazing – fantastic quality and so worthwhile. Totally recommend – my 7 year old loves them.

– Cathryn (Dec 2017)

Beautiful letters, not tried them out yet but looking forward to Dec, going to pair it with the arrival of Elf on the shelf, can’t wait to read them to my little boy

– Alyssa Pearson (Nov 2017)

These letters are so beautifully presented and I can’t wait for my grandchildren to find them. I only bought the mini bundle this year as they are very young but will definitely be buying them in the years to come. Magical thank you .

– Jill Eastman (Nov 2017)

I stumbled upon the Facebook page and got excited to see such a unique Christmas addition to tie in with our elf staying, I purchased the activity letter set for my little one, the letters are beautiful she’s really going to enjoy receiving these and doing the activities. I’m looking forward to December and getting started. Roll on when she’s a bit older for the letter a day bundle- they look amazing too! Would really recommend to friends and family.

– Cheryl (Nov 2017)

I purchased the mini North Pole Christmas letters and they’re really sweet. The quality is very good and the content is lovely. My grandchildren will be very excited to receive them.

– Karen (Nov 2017)

These letters are beautifully written , lovely quality and I can’t wait to see my boys faces when they open them. They are definately going to sprinkle an extra bit of magic im this Christmas.

– Jill (Nov 2017)

This is the first year. I’m really excited to see the grandchildren faces. The letters look really good

– Tracey Buckfield (Nov 2017)

The Mini North Pole Christmas letters are absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to hid them around the house for my daughter to find! The letters and pictures are wonderful

– J Baker (Nov 2017)

I have bought the birthday letter and the 7 day Christmas letters. These are magical and fantastic. My sons 8th Birthday is next week so the first letter is there to be opened. These are such a bargain excellent value for money. Another year of believing for us. Thank you

– Lynn Nevet (Nov 2017)

Magical and beautiful, can’t wait to see my 6 yr olds face when they are delivered via her elves xx

– Nikki (Nov 2017)

The letters are amazing! Can’t wait for my kids to read them them! I’ll be delivering via our elf door!

– kirby997 (Nov 2017)

I can’t wait for my 5 year old twins to receive these letters throughout December! The are so well thought out and designed, they are just magical! Xx

– Bobbi (Nov 2017)

I cannot wait to see the face on my stepson when he receives these letters. Not having him everyday or on Christmas Day makes it harder to get him excited at our house! These letters are the perfect way to add some festive magic! The letters are just wonderful, and are sure to create excitement! Xx

– Luisa (Oct 2017)

Super delivery and when they arrived, I was amazed at how perfect they were. I am sure that my daughter will love receiving these letters. Thank you

– Lou (Oct 2017)

Beautiful and magical for all ages!

– A Walshaw (Oct 2017)

The Tooth Fairy letters are the most amazing thing! An absolutely beautiful and detailed set of letters – the quality and workmanship is second to none. I am just ordering my Christmas letters now

– Jane (Oct 2017)

Really lovely pack of letters – I can’t wait to see my little girls faces when they open them throughout December!

– Kate (Oct 2017)

Beautiful letters , can’t wait to see 4 smiley faces !

– Rebecca Beard (Oct 2017)

Absolutely delighted with mini Christmas letters for 2 sets of grandchildren. Ive enjoyed reading them as well.

– susan (Oct 2017)

Absolutely lovely! My Grandson is going to love them. Will really add to building the excitement and magic of Christmas. Quick and efficient ordering and delivery. Thank you so much!

– Carole (Oct 2017)

Gorgeous little letters

– Deborah (Oct 2017)

Cannot wait for my daughter to start finding these, they look amazing & great attention to detail.

– Sue (Oct 2017)

I purchased set for my daughters stepson son. Really impressed with quality cuteness an ideal start to Christmas festivities would recommend to others and will consider buying in future for others truly magical

– erika (Sep 2017)

The Grandchildren will love these letters as they did last year – this year I’m sending them to make the youngest won’t think “mummy done it”lol
The quality is excellent – the design cute beyond words – I have to stay wish these were about when my children were little – I just love them – Merry Christmas to you all

– Marian Franklin (Sep 2017)

We bought the small bundle of Christmas letters last Christmas. They were absolutely wonderful and the boys loved them. This year we have bought the full advent set of letters and they are even better than last year. I can’t wait for the boys to start getting them and sharing the magic on the build up to Christmas Day. Thank you for creating such magic for everyone to enjoy. I can’t recommend these highly enough. They are truly magical

– Sam (Sep 2017)

If you want Christmas to be filled with special memories look no further. Wonderful letters that add a magical touch to Christmas

– Brooke galloway (Sep 2017)

Love these letters they are good quality and are well worth the money. My granddaughters face was a picture she was so proud that she had received them. I have also had birthday letters they are just as good.

– michelle howell (Sep 2017)

The kids loved them. We still have last year’s letters rolled up for safekeeping.

– Claire Roberts (Sep 2017)

Such a lovely touch to add to a magical Christmas for my boys I will be purchasing again this year xxx

– sherri gray (Sep 2017)

Absolutely beautiful
These letters are such a joy for kids to receive, it’s going to be my 2nd year of doing this & I would 100% recommend everyone with little believers to do this too xx

– Michele Stephen (Sep 2017)

A last minute decision December 2015, my daughter absolutely loved Elfie’s and the others letters she would read them as much as she could, I cannot wait to see her face this year absolutely amazing thank you for extra Christmas Magic.

Kind Regards
Ciara (Rep of Ireland)

– Ciara (Sep 2016)