Tooth Fairy Letters No. 10 – Trying New Things


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A magical personalised Tooth Fairy Letter from the On-Duty Tooth Fairy. On special paper with sparkling gold and silver leaf in, and with golden twine and a Dew Drop Magnifying Lens. 

This wonderfully unique Tooth Fairy letter is personalised with your child’s name, the name of your street or area, and then stamped with the image of the Tooth Fairy who visited. Which one will visit this time?

These super cool fairies live in a world of dragons (who set fire to your lunch by mistake), Mystery Gardens (with changing adventures inside), Magical Potion Fairies, Secret Underground Passageways, Magical Tree Bark, Time Travel … and more. They also give helpful tips on how children might manage difficult childhood emotions.

We use beautiful recycled paper with gold and silver leaf in. And, being a sucker for parcels, what’s more exciting than finding a Tooth Fairy letter wrapped up like a parcel with some gorgeous natural soft cotton gold twine with sparkles in? No Tooth Fairy letter is complete without a lovely dew drop magnifying lens to read it with either. Well you don’t need one really, but it does make it easier, PLUS it’s so much more fun!

Trying New Things
What if we push through the fear, try something new and discover we love it? Your On-Duty Tooth Fairy’s pocket scanner reveals your child’s tooth is perfect for the rather unusual piano they’re making. Whoever listens to it, dances like a professional!  The fairies have planned a gigantic dance performance down by the Magical Potions Laboratory when it’s finished, but some fairies are nervous about performing in front of the others.  The Senior Fairies have some words of wisdom …

You will receive:

  • A personalised letter stamped with an image of the On-Duty Tooth Fairy who visited your child. A6 size, for you to fold in half, and then half again!
  • A length of gold sparkle twine.
  • A magnifying lens!
    * the magnifying lenses have one small straight edge to them


Product Materials

  • Paper — 100% recycled paper, with gold & silver leaf.  Perfect for Tooth Fairy Letters!
  • Gold Sparkle Twine — 100% natural soft cotton
  • Magnifying Lens — Dew drop plastic lens, magnification x 3

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