Christmas Letter Bundles

“To hear so much excitement and giggling each morning on
the countdown to Christmas was just wonderful!” ~ Emma 

*The NEW Christmas 2020 Editions will be dispatched from September

Mysterious daily letters from the North Pole, for your children to discover around their
home … beautifully handcrafted, personalised bundles of Christmas Elf letters, bringing
tales of adventure and bursting with Christmas Magic! 

Enjoy shrieks of excitement when they discover a very mysterious letter by their
toothbrush, hidden in their shoe, or tucked into the cereal box … !

*One bundle per family. Brand New each year! Free UK Delivery

5-99 yrs – Elfie’s Christmas Letters (25-letters)
                     & North Pole Christmas Newsy Bundle (7-letters)
3-5 yrs  – Candy Cane Christmas Activity Bundle (7-letters)

Enchanting handcrafted personalised Advent Elf Letters (daily updates written by an Elf in the North Pole) - the original magical Christmas Tradition from the International Elf Service that encourages your children to read!
North Pole Christmas Letter Bundle - an Advent Elf Letter Bundle for the countdown to Christmas from the International Elf Service

North Pole Christmas Letters: 7-Letter Newsy Bundle 2020 Edition ~ Coming Soon!

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Christmas Activities and Educational rainy day things for school's to do on the Countdown to Christmas! Candy Cane Christmas Letter Bundle 2019 - activity Elf letter bundle from the International Elf Service for the countdown to Christmas!

Christmas Activity Letter Bundle – FOR SCHOOLS – 2019

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