Tooth Fairy Bundle of Five Letters – No. 01


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Also available as general Fairy Letters

* One bundle of five letters plus accessories per child. Flowers and toadstools not included.

A unique bundle of personalised Fairy Letters from the On-Duty Fairy, on paper with gold and silver leaf.

Never be caught out again! This gorgeous bundle contains a letter from each of the five super cool On-Duty Tooth Fairies for your area. These Tooth Fairy Letters are a little unusual … as well as magic and tales of the world these Fairies live in, they contain streetwise advice woven in to each letter too. What better way to be prepared for when those wobbly teeth finally pop out? All letters are suitable for boys and girls!

These Fairies live in a world of dragons, Mystery Gardens, Magical Potion Fairies, Secret Underground Passageways, Magical Tree Bark, Time Travel … and other things your child will be delighted to hear about!

Once you’ve wrapped these super cool Tooth Fairy letters up into their enticing little parcels, and tucked in the gorgeous Dew Drop magnifying lens, it’s enchantment all the way!

Letters included in this bundle …

No. 1 The Worry Blaster
Your On-Duty Tooth Fairy scans your child’s tooth with their pocket scanner, and finds out it’s perfect for decorating the Worry Blaster they’re building.  Worry Blasters blast worries into a trillion pieces and, by talking to someone about your worry, you can turn these pieces into a Ninja Fairy!

No. 2 Bad Dream Chaser
Your On-Duty Tooth Fairy scans your child’s tooth with their pocket scanner, and finds out it’s perfect for making a Dream Chaser to chase away bad dreams.  Your fairy will deliver your tooth by hand to the Dream Fairies, via a trip through the Secret Underground Passageway!  Includes a very simple and effective tip to make any bad dreams that do manage to sneak past go away too!

No. 3 Unkindness and Being Sorry
Your On-Duty Tooth Fairy scans your child’s tooth with their pocket scanner – it’s perfect for a reward for a Tooth Fairy, who’s making amends for all his unkindness using a bit of Time Travel!

No. 4  Speaking Calmly When You Feel Cross
Your On-Duty Tooth Fairy scans your child’s tooth with their pocket scanner, and finds out it’s perfect for giving to one of the Woodsman Fairies.  He’s decided to speak calmly when he’s feeling cross about something, instead of shouting and throwing horrid Magic Tree Slime at everyone …!

No. 5  Secrets & Trust
Your On-Duty Tooth Fairy scans your child’s tooth with their pocket scanner, and finds out it’s perfect to repair the Magic Wishing Chair!  The young fairies have just passed their Secret’s & Trust exam, so they get an extra go on it as soon as it’s fixed.  To pass, fairies must promise not to tell a friend’s secrets without their permission.  But more importantly, they must swear to tell a Senior Fairy if anyone asks them to keep a secret about something that makes them uncomfortable or unhappy, or that they know is wrong.

Stock up on a bundle of FIVE tooth fairy letters, personalised with your child’s name, the name of your street or area, and then stamped with the image of the Tooth Fairy who was on duty that night (five different fairies: three boy and two girl fairies).

Beautiful recycled paper with gold and silver gilt in.  And being a sucker for parcels, what’s more exciting than finding a Tooth Fairy letter wrapped up like a parcel with some gorgeous natural soft cotton gold twine with sparkles in?  No Tooth Fairy letter is complete without a lovely dew drop magnifying lens to read it with either.  Well you don’t need one really, but it does make it easier, PLUS it’s so much more fun!

You will receive:

  • FIVE personalised letters from the Tooth Fairy ‘Gang’ (two girl and three boy fairies).  Each letter is stamped with an image of the On-Duty Tooth Fairy who visited your child.  A6 size, to be folded in half and then half again!
  • Five lengths of gold sparkle twine.
  • Five dew drop magnifying lenses.
    * the magnifying lenses have one small straight edge to them


Product Materials

  • Paper — 100% recycled paper, with gold & silver leaf.  Perfect for Tooth Fairy Letters!
  • Gold Sparkle Twine — 100% natural soft cotton
  • Magnifying Lens — Dew drop plastic lens, magnification x 3


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