Short & Simple Fairy Bundle of Five Letters

Five magical personalised Fairy Letters: magical underground libraries, woodland picnics, dragon riding lessons, Wishing Chairs and more!

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Good To Know

Deliver each letter wherever is most magical for your child ... tucked under their pillow, outside a Fairy Door, next to their bed ...

  • 'Very Helpful' Fairy letters, perfect for girls and boys.
  • Simpler and shorter than our other Fairy and Tooth Fairy Letters.
  • No teeth are mentioned! Images are the Tooth Fairy versions.
  • Designed to encourage children to read and promote creative thinking.
  • Each letter is written by the On-Duty Fairy in your area ...
  • Can be personalised for more than one child.
  • Perfect either to read together, or for older readers to read to themselves.
  • A6 size.
  • A wonderful childhood tradition.
  • Official International Fairy Service™ product.
  • 100% Recycled Paper.
  • Comes with a beautiful twist of golden sparkle twine, and a Dew Drop magnifying lens!
What You Receive

Five personalised Fairy letters, each including ...

The Magical Underground Library, the Woodland Picnic, Dragon Riding Lessons, the Wishing Chair and the Mystery Garden!

  • An A6 size Fairy Letter, personalised with your child's name and address or area
  • A twist of 100% Soft Cotton Golden Sparkle Twine
  • A Dew Drop Magnifying Lens

Your letters will arrived packed in a hand-stamped brown paper bag with the International Fairy Service™ logo on. Perfect to pop little Fairy treats in.

*The toadstools and flowers are not included.

Full Product Info

*One bundle per child
*This letter is the Fairy Version of the Short & Simple Tooth Fairy Bundle.

Much simplified unique Fairy letters with larger text, to suit Early Readers or where 'less is more'. Personalised with your child's name, the name of your street or area, and then stamped with the image of the Fairy who was on duty that night.

Your child will all hear about the Magical Underground Library, the Woodland Picnic, Dragon Riding Lessons, the Wishing Chair and the Mystery Garden!

Beautiful recycled paper with gold and silver leaf in. What's more exciting than finding a Fairy letter wrapped up like a parcel with some gorgeous natural soft cotton gold twine with sparkles in?  No Fairy letter is complete without a lovely dew drop magnifying lens to read it with either.  Well you don't need one really, but it does make it easier, PLUS it's so much more fun!

If you'd like to learn more about our Magical Fairy Letters, Supporting Children's Emotional Health and Development * See our Fairy & Tooth Fairy Letter Guide

Product Materials

We really care about our beautiful environment, so we use the most exquisite 100% Recycled Paper for all our magical papery things.

The paper we use for ur Fairy and Tooth Fairy Letters, has the most beautiful gold and silver leaf in it. Truly magical.

Then we add:

  • A twist of 100% Soft Cotton Golden Sparkle Twine
  • A Dew Drop Magnifying Lens
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