Another Chance To Win A Set Of Elfie’s Christmas Letters!

Elfie's Christmas Letters. A Unique Christmas Tradition For The Whole Family. Inspire the kids to read with this unique advent calendar and spark their imaginations!

Exciting news: Al over on the The Dad Network is running a competition to win a set of Elfie’s Christmas Letters!

Please enter and help spread some Christmas magic by telling anyone with children who would enjoy a peek into a world full of Magical Wind Machines, Cinnamon Mines, inventions, baking, Sizzle Spots, chaos, excitement, laughter & unexpected friendships…!

Do have a browse around The Dad Network.  It’s a fabulous blog with all sorts of useful information!

Come and join us on Facebook and over on Christmas Traditions & Magic For Children. The Shop is ready for Christmas 2015, so do have a rummage!


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