Ways To Help Make A Magical Childhood

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‘A Magical Childhood’ is something we’d all love our kids to have.  There’s very little better in life than seeing their faces bursting with excitement, or filled with wonder.  We’d love for them to look back at their childhoods as adults, and feel it was filled with the happiest times that any child could have.

So how can we help to make their childhood magical?  How do you define ‘magical’ anyway?

To me, a magical childhood conjures up thoughts of excited anticipation and moments of wonder and discovery.  It could be anything from counting the sleeps until you go on holiday, to putting your Christmas Stocking up on Christmas Eve.  Maybe it’s waking up and seeing the first snow of the year, or kicking off your shoes so you can feel the sand between your toes as you run towards the sea.

Whatever the trigger, it’s that moment when the simplest of things feel wonderful.

There’s a huge temptation to want to do too much: to take them to that adventure park you’ve seen advertised, to give them the latest gadget, to go on that big holiday … and actually, it’s the really small simple things in life that register with the kids.  So although you may provide them with all sorts of wonderful opportunities, it will be the simple things they experience within those opportunities that will make their memories.  And they can experience these simple things very easily without all those jazzy days out too.  If anything, too many opportunities and experiences and they’ll find them less exciting than they once were.

Remember – you know your kids best, and the kind of things that will send them in to orbit.  You don’t need to go to town, but a few very simple things can really make wonderful magical memories for the kids…

Ways to surprise the kids …

  • Super naughty, and I can’t believe I’m even writing this … as a one off, pick them up from school a little bit earlier to go and have an ice-cream, or coffee and cake together.
  • Surprise them with a hot chocolate and ‘Movie Night’ when they aren’t expecting it.
  • Hide a sweet little note in their lunch boxes, or in their beds for them to find.
  • Surprise them with a luxury bath by candle light and music, and whichever moisturiser they like afterwards.
  • Organise a surprise sleepover for them.  It could be in your room with you (do try this – they so love a Sleepover With A Twist), or you could arrange it with a friend.
  • Surprise them with an Ice-Cream Sundae Treasure Hunt – they have to find the list of ingredients, which you’ve hidden round the house (apart from the ice-cream!) – bowls of Jelly Tots, sprinkles, chocolate chips etc
  • Indoor or garden camping!
  • Let them have a sleepover in your bedroom, with roll out mats on the floor.
  • The night before Easter Sunday – put either some painted, or normal eggs in a bowl, and sprinkle a little cocoa powder over the top. By morning they will have changed into chocolate eggs (of whichever size the Easter Bunny has at the time)!
  • Don’t let your child see their Birthday Cake until ‘that moment’ when the candles are lit, and everyone sings Happy Birthday.
  • Birthday Packed Lunch – fill it with things you wouldn’t normally give them, and wrap them up like presents!
  • Exchange their lost teeth for a sparkle or crackle bead.
  • Christmas Eve – we know all about Christmas here. Have a read through Ways to make Christmas Eve more magical.
  • Have an Easter, Halloween, or Christmas party each year, where they can invite a couple of their friends .  There’s no need to provide a meal if you don’t want to, just time the invite to miss meal times!  Treaty or fun snacks of any sort are always appreciated.  To get the ideas flowing, see here.

Do you have anything you’ve done for your kids that they’ve loved?  Please let me know and I’ll add it to the list!


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