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How to make Oobleck slime. Fun, fascinating and so easy to make! by the International Elf Service

How To Make Oobleck Slime

Something else to amaze the kids: Oobleck Slime. It’s extraordinary stuff, incredibly easy to make and it’s SO fascinating to play with. It’s solid one minute, and all runny and gloopy the next!

If you push your fingers into it, it’s all gloopy and sticks to your fingers. But if you stab it with your fingers, it’s sounds and feels like you’re stabbing at a table top! Your fingers stay completely clean, even though the surface actually looks watery.


If you grab a handful and squeeze it, it goes solid. Relax your fingers, and it becomes all gloopy and drippy …

So, being in a never ending world of slime production here in Elf Towers, our eldest insisted she just had to make some Oobleck. Well that was it. Suddenly there were clouds of cornflour in the air, followed by lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’, and “look! If you do this, it does that!’

If it’s gone all hard and unusable over night, just add a little more water, but by bit, and you’ll get your Oobleck Slime back again!

*You can also pop things into it (like Candy Cane sweets), for the kids to try and fish out. It’s surprisingly difficult!

Did you know?

When Marty and Elfie made Oobleck Slime in Mother Christmas’ kitchen a few years ago (Elfie’s Christmas Letters 2014), it got in Marty’s hair, all over the Elves’ uniforms, on Father Christmas’ special carving knife😱 … on all the drawer handles and all over the bin. It took 11 bowls of soapy water to clean up all the mess!

But fear not. Oobleck Slime is actually really really quick and easy to clean up afterwards. Goodness knows how much they’d made up in the North Pole that time 😳


Do have a go at making Oobleck Slime!


How to make Oobleck slime. Fun, fascinating and so easy to make! by the International Elf Service


How to make Oobleck Slime …


What You Need:

1 Cup of Cornflour

1/2 Cup of Water – ish – you may need a little more

Food Colouring (optional)

Mixing Bowl

Wooden Spoon


What You Do:

Pour the cornflour into your mixing bowl

Slowly add the water bit by bit until you get a mix that feels brilliant and ‘just right’ for squishing, squeezing and experimenting with!


It’s brilliant stuff. I think you’ll love it.


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