How To Make Paper Snowflakes!

These Paper Snowflakes are so easy to make, and so stunning … perfect Christmas decorations! You can hang them in windows, or down from ceilings. I first discovered how to make these over on the lovely blog Rainbeaubelle,  I made a huge paper snowflake out of handmade paper, which I store in a cupboard in between Christmases.  You can use bog standard A4 printer paper, newspaper, wrapping paper…experiment!  I think my personal favourite is to start with a piece of A5 paper (half the size of A4) with 6 arms to make the snowflake…

What You Need:

Clear Tape
Stapler (you can do the stapler bit with tape, but I prefer to use a stapler)


What You Do:

Make yourself a fresh cup of tea, or pour yourself a festive drink.
Convert your rectangular paper into a square, like this…cutting off the rectangle at the top.


How to make beautiful paper snowflakes! International Elf Service

Then fold your already folded paper in half again…


Hold your triangle with the open edges (long side of the triangle) to your left (if you’re right handed), and then make 3 cuts parallel to this edge, towards the opposte folded edge, BUT STOP BEFORE YOU GET THERE 😀



Open up your paper, and it should look like this…


Join the central two points together using a piece of tape.



Turn the whole thing over and do the same with the next two points…


Keeping turning over and taping points together and you will end up with this, an arm for your star.  The larger pieces of paper you use, the more arms you will need.  6 or 9 etc.


When you’ve finished making arms,  gather all their ends together like this…


And staple them together, well in from the points.


I’ve decided I’m going to make a snowstorm from the stairs of different sizes and a mix of white and shimmery.  Possibly newspaper ones too.  I do love newspaper crafts.

Here’s the start of it…

How to make these stunning paper snowflakes. Perfect Christmas decorations!

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I’d love to see a picture if you do make one of these.  Please post it to the Facebook page if you do:)

Emily x

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