North Pole Christmas Letters

“The Farrow & Ball of Christmas Letters. The quality is exceptional.” Helen, (2018)

For a magical Christmas countdown that really sparkles!

Let the International Elf Service deliver the latest secrets and snippets from the North Pole. Unique bundles of handcrafted daily Elf Letters for a very magical December, or a special one-off Elf letter
for some all-year round North Pole magic!

Pop an Advent Elf letter by their toothbrush each day, or tuck it into
the cereal box for them to find …!

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Enchanting handcrafted personalised Advent Elf Letters (daily updates written by an Elf in the North Pole) - the original magical Christmas Tradition from the International Elf Service that encourages your children to read!

Elfie’s Christmas Letters: Ultimate Advent Bundle 2019

5.0 rating based on 92 ratings

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North Pole Christmas Letter Bundle - an Advent Elf Letter Bundle for the countdown to Christmas from the International Elf Service

North Pole Christmas Letters: Newsy Advent Bundle 2019 Edition

5.0 rating based on 40 ratings


Christmas Activities and Educational rainy day things for school's to do on the Countdown to Christmas! Candy Cane Christmas Letter Bundle 2019 - activity Elf letter bundle from the International Elf Service for the countdown to Christmas!

Candy Cane Christmas Letters: Activity Advent Bundle 2019

4.3 rating based on 3 ratings


Letter from Father Christmas

Letter from Father Christmas For Christmas Morning

5.0 rating based on 1 rating