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Slime recipes that actually work! By the International Elf Service

Slime Recipes That Work!

Like many households, we also have a Slime Lab! This however isn’t the half of it. It also involves shampoo, conditioner, endless bits of Tupperware (to keep it all in), bowls and wooden spoons. Be warned …they don’t make slime once. If they find a recipe they love, they make it LOADS of times! So stock up!

Our eldest daughter (Slime Queen) has come up with her two ‘go to’ Slime Recipes’ that consistently work really well. It appears there are many types of slime, all as much fun to play with as each other. The Fluffy Slime is ‘chemically’, but works soooo well. The other one is a no Borax 2-ingredient slime / play dough, which she really loves too! Don’t forget, I’ve also got How To Make Snow here on the Blog, and the really fascinating Oobleck Slime too.

As long as you understand what each ingredient does, you can rescue anything … just keep on tweaking. A bit like my cooking really …

Don’t panic at the size of our PVA glue – we do so many crafts here, it isn’t worth buying it in a smaller size! But ⭐️do make sure in the description, the glue says it’s suitable for slime.⭐️ Weirdly some PVA glue doesn’t work properly.

*I’ve discovered it’s tricky to take good photos in the gloom of our current weather!


Slime recipes that actually work! By the International Elf Service


So many of you wrote in (thank you!) saying you’d be interested in some good slime recipes … so here you go! The chemically one first …


Fluffy Slime

This our 11 year old’s recipe, and her favourite! She’s talked you through the different stages, so you can learn how to tweak it yourself. She says EVERYONE goes back and adds a bit more of this, or a bit more of that – which she’s explained at each step too.

What You Need:

  • 1 cup PVA Glue (suitable for slime recipes – it will say in the sellers description)
  • 1/2 cup Shaving Foam
  • Food Colouring
  • 1-2tbsp Saline Contact Lens Solution
  • 4 – ‘spritzes’ Air Wick Air Freshener (we use Freshmatic Max Refill)
  • 1-2 ‘puffs’ Baby Powder


What You Do:

  • Mix the glue and the shaving foam together, with some drops of food colouring …



  • It should feel stiff at first. Then add 1 tablespoon of contact lens solution (it makes it less stiff and more stretchy), and stir … it should turn into a ‘jelly glob’ (!)



  • Add one more tablespoon of contact solution if it isn’t quite stretchy enough for you. Then touch it and see how sticky it is. Probably disgustingly sticky!
  • Give it 4 spritzes of Air Wick, and more colour if you like – but not too much, or it will ruin the slime!  The Air Wick makes it less sticky and stiffens it up a bit.
  • If after 4 spritzes, the slime doesn’t come away from the bowl when stirred, add 4 more spritzes.



  • You may decide you want to add a bit more foam at this stage (up to 1/2 cup), to make it more fluffy. And more contact solution. If you do … stir well, and the contact solution will mix in after a while.



  • You may decide you want to add a bit more foam at this stage (up to 1/2 cup), to make it more fluffy. Go for it!
  • Push your finger into it and pull it upwards. The slime should stretch upwards and then fall off. If it doesn’t, you need a puff or two of baby powder!




And now for two super simple almost-the-same recipes, that avoid all the chemical nasties – well, unless you count shampoo and conditioner as nasty.


Two Ingredients – Supersoft Stretchy Playdough


This stuff is AMAZING, smells delicious, and it really couldn’t be easier. And ALL our kids love it. They’re 11, 9 and 7 years old.

1 part cheap Hair Conditioner OR Shampoo 
2 parts cornstarch
Food colouring
(we made some white, one lime green, and one a rich berry colour this time)

Knead it for a minute or so, and that’s it. It’s amazing stuff!

As conditioners vary you may need to add a bit more, or a bit more (a teaspoon as a time), of each to get a non-sticky wonderfully soft and pliable end result.

(NB: It’s not edible!)


2 ingredient stretchy slime playdough


2 ingredient stretchy slime playdough


2 ingredient stretchy slime playdough

If you’d like more no Borax recipes, Maggy has a great post over on Red Ted Art.

Whichever recipe they make … it’s VERY messy! Give in gracefully. Resistance is futile.


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