DIY Soap Blowing Magic!

My daughter came running into the kitchen shouting ‘Mum Mum, you’ve got to see this Soap Blowing – it’s SO cool!’

And it is, very cool!

You can blow bubbles by wetting a cosmetic pad. Then rub liquid hand rubbed across one surface, place the non-soapy side against your mouth … and BLOW! I’m assured you don’t ingest any soap, and your lips only get ‘a little bit wet’.

Soap Blowing also works if you dip an ear bud in soapy water (pics below)

Scroll on down to admire the extent of Soap Blowing magic you can achieve …



and for the Father Christmas look …


Soap blowing with the International Elf Service





So much fun!


If you do decide to join us on this year’s Christmas adventure, don’t forget you’ll need to have the Advent Calendar, 25 Personalised Christmas Letters (Elfie’s Christmas Letters) in your house by the 30th November for all the fun to start on the 1st December! Also Mini Personalised Advent Letter Bundles available too …


Magical moments for you and your child to share

Take your children on a magical journey with these unique, hand-drawn letters from two of the most magical places on earth … the North Pole and Fairyland.

Hide them among the bills and junk mail, lay them on the table first thing in the morning, stashed among the toys, or snuggled up in their bed. You choose where your children find the letters, to create a magical family tradition the kids will love!

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“The best Christmas idea ever.” – Charlie Condou (Actor)


“These were the best things I have ever (and I mean ever) ordered!!
I’ve never seen the magic or happiness last so long x”

– Jolene (August 2017)


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If your child believes in Father Christmas and you want to keep the magic for as long as possible, There are new Christmas Letter Bundles each year.


Come and join us on Facebook, or find us over on Christmas Traditions & Magic For Children for all year round festive chat.

Emily x


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  • thefolia
    February 8, 2019 AT 6:33 PM

    How fun…Happy bubble making!

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