Christmas Stocking Filler & Present Ideas

Christmas stocking ideas from the International Elf Service

Depending on how you and Father Christmas split up stocking presents and family presents in your home, these stocking fillers could be suitable for either. All these stocking filler & present ideas are all suitable for boys & girls, and it goes without saying …

*chocolate coins*, Craft Stuff, Chocolate orange, magic flannels, satsumas, toothbrush, pants, bubble bath, sweets, fun pens, mini notebooks, bubble bath or shower gel, pyjamas, hair clips, lip balm, blind bags, magazines, fluffy socks …

Scroll down for so many more ideas!

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Amazingly magical personalised Christmas sacks in fine woven hessian, offered by the International Elf Service

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Magnetic Rocks

“My 9 year old son doesn’t stop playing with these!”

  • Genuine Magnetic Hematite gemstone. Also known as ‘Sticky Stones’
  • Contains plain coated magnets
  • Pack contains 500gms magnets (shown in image)
  • Have fun making sculptures with these tactile gemstones.
  • This listing is for 500g, but you can also purchase 1kg Magnetic Hematite Gemstones""“>1Kg

‘Intelligent’ Clear Clay

Christmas stocking filler and present ideas from the International Elf Service

“Amazing product”

  • It has a strong plasticity
  • It is an aqueous transparent glass-shaped elastic plasticine
  • Suitable for all ages to play; it is beneficial to the development of children’s intelligence, also helps adult decompress, and prevent senile dementia in a certain extent
  • The product has passed SGS certification

Pocket Kite

*Kite in a bag

“Easy to fly!”

  • This pocket parafoil is a portable kite that can be taken anywhere
  • Complete with a long flight line on a spool and a nice long tail for stablilty.
  • It comes in a handy ripstop nylon carring bag

Syringe Pens

“Fun product. Very colourful liquid makes them easy to identify if someone borrows them”

“Great for aspiring Doctors, Nurses & pHarmacists!”

“Brilliant stocking presents”

  • 8 Syringe Pens in 8 different colours
  • Red, Blue, Green, Clear, Purple, Yellow, Orange and Pink
  • All pens write in Black ink
  • Check out other Medinc products for great medical gifts or to personalise your pens.
  • *Warning* Only purchase from Wellesley Inc other sellers may not send all colours or may send with Blue ink

Fairy Lights – Solar Powered

“Even if the day is part sunny, it charges battery all the way and lights are on for several hours.”

INDOORS AND OUTDOORS! Suitable for indoors and outdoors decoration.Great for decorate your Xmas trees, bedroom, nursery room, party, garden, fence etc.

Christmas Fluffy Bed Socks

Christmas Stocking Filler & Present Ideas by the International Elf Service

*4 pairs

  • Uber Soft & Fluffy for Maximum Comfort
  • Machine Washable
  • Multi Way Stretch fit for Extra Comfort

Fidget Toy Pea Keyring

*Great fiddleable withable keyring!

  • PLEASE NOTE: We don’t offer the choice of color,we will send the product at random,hope you can understand
  • Squeeze the bean out over and over again when you get stressed or bored and kill time. Especially in dull a meeting!
  • The pea in the middle of the pod has a very cute facial expression; The middle bean reveals a random face when pressed
  • Good for keeping your hands busy or relieving stress
  • Material: PVC ; Size: 7X2X1.5cm

Suspension Game

“Great to play alone or with others!”

“What a fantastic game for kids of all ages, and adults from about 5 and up.”

  • A thought-provoking balancing game for ages eight and up
  • Game develops hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills
  • Four levels of game play for beginners and experienced players
  • Play individually or with up to four players
  • Simple to understand and challenging to play

Venus Fly Trap Seeds

“Patience is the key to these plants. The seeds need to go through a cold period by placing in the fridge for two to three weeks. The seeds will then take between 4 to 6 weeks to then germinate. Keep the growing medium moist at all times. These plants are ultra tiny when they germinate and will take about 4 weeks to produce the first very tiny trap. Don’t think they have failed, but be very patient as I nearly did and have now just seen my second fly trap growing.
Good luck with your new baby fly traps.”

“Started to sprout in 5 days!”

  • Price for 10 seeds
  • Four-colour-card with color photo
  • Seeds can be started indoors any time throughout the year.
  • Seed cards with detailed information about propagation, place, care and hibernation.


Cress Seeds

*Super quick and grow in a couple of days!

Touchable Mini Bubbles

“Brilliant and actually work! The bubbles last for absolutely ages.”

“This product effortlessly releases about 50 small bubbles with every puff. Moreover, the manufacturers have done something to the liquid – the bubbles do not pop at all easily (the liquid is quite gloopy). In fact, they often remain as bubbles even after landing on things – sofa, carpet or your children’s hair.”

Personalised Notebooks

*Eleventy trillion choices – for kids and adults. Love ’em.

Giant Slinky

“A slinky (springy – whatever) that works!”

“Did my research on the ‘slinky’ and fortunately chose wisely.”

“It works VERY well and sometimes does two stairs at once.”

  • 3 x the size for 3 x the fun
  • Performs a number of fun tricks
  • Blasts down the stairs
  • Jumps from your hands and springs from table tops
  • Great fun for children

Water Beads

“Fun to squish and squash – either in bowls, or in the bath!”

*Just add water

  • Package includes 1 bag water growing balls (about 10000 pieces water beads)
  • These water beads are so enticing! Colorful and not fade, smooth, squishy…
  • Grow into diameter in 9-11mm water beads after soaking in water for 4-12 hours. Non-fade, Non-Toxic, 100% Biodegradable, Non-Flammable.
  • Helps kids with color recognition, counting & fine motor skill and language development.
  • Suit for wedding, home, and general decorations. Or as a replacement to Orbeez Ideal for Vase Filler, Soil, Plant Decoration cut flower arrangements.

DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Wishing Stones

These really are so easy to make, and the “wow factor” is huge with the kids. You can buy a little pouch or box to put them in. Click on the image to find out how to make your own!


“Unbelievable value for money”

“Small but Mighty”

Alphabet Stamps

*Perfect with an ink pad and blank cards!

“The individual mark of the letter has 6 mm hight. However whole wooden stamp is 37 mm high and 10 mm wide.”

  • This box of 70 pieces rubber stamps including 26 letters in upper case and lower case, number 0-9, and 8 symbols – versatile enough to make your very own words!
  • Good for stamping out messages, invitation or greeting cards

Walkie Talkies

“Although these are marketed as kids walkie talkies they are actually good enough to be used commercially because the range is fantastic.”
“The range is great and is clear both ways each time and they are simple to use. The design is sturdy and they work great even though they have been dropped a few times already. I also like that they are small in size and so can easily fit in their pocket. Great walkie talkies.”
  • Two Way Radio Use: The FLOUREON walkie talkies set has 8 channels, good sound quality, and adjustable volume level. It requires 3 AA Batteries per unit(Not included)
  • Convenient to Use: 2 or more M-880 models from different colors can work together as long as you make sure they are on the same channel. With a simple push-to-talk operation, let your children experience unprecedented happiness.

Kids Hot Water Bottle

Christmas stocking filler and present ideas from the International Elf Service

“Great hot water bottle, lovely soft cover.”

“My daughter really loved it! Great quality and quick delivery. No leaks!”

  • These adorable seasonal theme hot water bottles have a soft roll neck knitted cover with open access for easy filling.
  • The front features a cute felt applique animal design; choose from pug, polar bear, penguin or panda
  • These fun winter warmers are super warm, cosy and soft.
  • Capacity: 2 litre
  • Dimensions: 33cm x 19cm approx

Polished Ammonite

“Small fossil but my son loves it.”

  • Polished Ammonite Fossil 110 million years old! 
  • Ammonites thrived in the seas during the time of the dinosaurs, about 110 million years ago. Own a genuine pocket sized piece of ancient history! Price is for one piece Approx wide

Colour Changing Umbrella

“Colour change works well and responds to the slightest drops of rain. Seems well made, material is quite thick for a childs umbrella.”

“Strong plasticky smell, which does go.”

“A little expensive for an umbrella but my 7 yr old space addict loves it!”

  • Colour Changing Umbrella Universe
  • Changes colour when wet and changes back again when dry
  • Every child will love to watch this colour changing umbrella changing colour as it gets wet.
  • Universe theme with named planets
  • 60 x 70cm

Disposable Camera

Cheaper if you can buy in bulk and give them one each year as a family Christmas Tradition! Also brilliant to have on the table for Christmas Dinner.

Bug Viewer

  • Double magnifying glass to observe insects
  • Useful to observe flowers, leaves, coins and other small objects
  • Quality toys made in Italy
  • Available in red colour
  • Measures 7 cm length by 7 cm width by 7.5 cm height

Plus Plus

“Excellent toy. The 7 year old loves them and has spent hours making a huge array of things.”

“Brilliant & Portable!”

  • Plus-Plus is a creative and supporting construction toy in Danish design

Travel Suitcase

*Boys & Girls – lots of different colour options!

“our 8 year old boy loves his!”

Training Chopsticks 4 Kids

  • For Kids, Children in Training Purpose
  • Quantity : 1 pair Pink and 1 pair green chopsticks
  • Type : Soft, Washable, Food-Safe;Especially for beginners who want to take food using chopstick
  • Development of the hand fine motor,auxiliary food,and promote the development of the brain.
  • Size:6.5inch.Get 1 Free Chamois Cloth.

Puzzle Activity Book

“My 5 year old loves it. Really good activities.”

“Max age is probably about 7.”

The Puzzle Activity Book is bursting with cool things to colour, brilliant puzzles and brain-boggling things to do. Filled with dot to dots, mazes, doodles, spot the difference, picture puzzles, and much, much more, kids can wave goodbye to boredom for ever.

Know Your Road Signs

*An unusual choice perhaps, but kids are curious and if they travel long journeys by car, this could be a good way to get them started early!
Do let me know if you know any ‘must haves’!

3D Pin Art

“Out of all of her Christmas presents, this was the one that she was constantly playing with.”

*Our kids love this!

  • Moulds around objects pressed onto the pins.
  • Ideal for creating temporary 3D pictures.
  • Press almost anything onto the pins to make a 3D sculpture.
  • Cool retro desktop gadget.

Slime (pack)

*Keep below 20 degrees

“It’s great, not sticky, I recommend adding shaving foam or beads for more fun!”

“The kids have absolutely loved this!”

Fossil Collection Kit

“Lovely gift for a fossil mad youngster” 

“My 8 yr old loved this”

“Fantastic little fossil collection. My 5 year old son loves them” 

  • Great fossil starter kit for the budding enthusiast
  • Contains 15 genuine fossils including an ammonite, braciopod, gastropod, crinoid, goniatite, fossil tooth, vertebrae & more
  • Fossil Kit also contains a mini magnifier to examine the specimens more closely and information sheet

Character Pez Dispenser

Character Pez Dispenser""“>Christmas stocking filler and present ideas from the International Elf ServiceCharacter Pez Dispenser""“>Christmas stocking filler and present ideas from the International Elf Service

*A classic. Star Wars, Frozen, The Muppets, Toy Story, Paw Patrol … so many to choose from!

Digital Counting Money Jar

*Our kids really love ours!

  • LCD displays running total of all the coins you deposit
  • Counts all Sterling coins (except the new £1 coins)
  • Reset button
  • Measures 17 x 12cm
  • Requires two AA Batteries (not included)

Sparkle Glitter Pens

“These pens are absolutely superb! Given the price I paid – I perhaps expected them to be a bit duff- but they quite literally are one of the best sets of gel pens I own!”

“WOW these are actually really good glitter pens!”

“The colours are vivid and bright- and especially glittery”

Mini Torch

“My kids play with these more than we actually use them , and them they’ve never run out of juice.”

“Excellent little LED torch for the money.”

  • 1W Water resistant LED super bright torch is ideal for outdoor activities such as camping and walking or finding items in dark storage areas.
  • Solid compact metal construction with keyring attachment for added convenience Ð base switch – click on & off.
  • Latest Light focusing technology, great for multiple tasks.
  • 3x AAA Battery required but not included – Dimensions: 94.49mm (Length) x 19.75mm (diameter).

Stabilo Colouring Pens

*Can be left uncapped for 8 weeks without drying out!

“These pens are great – they seem to go on for ever.”

  • Super long lasting felt pens with a push resistant tip
  • Can be left uncapped for up to 8 weeks without drying out
  • Bright colours and fully washable ink

Brain Games

“A super book for children to enjoy as they puzzle their way through the challenges, which get harder as they progress through the book (Parents in Touch)”

“8yr old is enjoying it, she hasn’t realised she’s learning as well as having a bit of fun. Even making adults think”

“100% satisfied, grandchildren love them.”

Including battleships and mind-bending spot the differences to Japanese puzzles including hanjie, kakuro, futoshiki, sudoku and lots more.

Amethyst Cluster

  • 3cm x 3cm x 2cm Amethyst Crystal, please note the sizes are approx and each piece can vary.
  • Each piece is hand selected with good definition.

Golden Compass

*Only £1.27!

“A great little Compass. Probably not the best or most accurate, but for telling you which way is north, and giving you your heading it works fine.”

“Great child’s first compass”

  • Shell material: refined copper.
  • Direction angle: 360 degree.
  • Size: approx. 48 mm (D)*12 mm (H).
  • Color: brass-colored.
  • Net weight: 46g.

Good Quality Compass!

“Excellent compass very accurate and includes instructions on use for novice orienteers.”

“Pleasantly surprised at the rugged construction and various possible ways to gain readings.”

  • Made of high strength engineering metal and covered by army green paint, which is capable of working under extreme weather condition
  • The bubble level can improve its accuracy and decrease its errors; Special design of fluorescent light allows you to read data in dark environment after absorbing enough sunshine
  • Package includes a compass with pouch & lanyard and a user guide in English
  • Waterproof and shakeproof, suitable for motoring, boating, camping, mountaineering, exploring, hunting and other outdoor activities

Pogo Stick

“My 9 year old daughter loves this and has mastered it very quickly!”

“Bought for 6yr old son. He found it difficult to jump because he wasn’t heavy enough. He loves it though.”

  • It consists of an extendible pole with plug-on handle at the top and foldout footrests near the bottom for easy transportation!
  • An exciting way of training the sense of balance and your fitness
  • For children from 5 years

Giant Marble

  • Giant Glass Marble – Kingfisher
  • Size: 35mm (1 1/2inch)
  • Machine made.
  • Colour: Clear Blue with Light Green Swirls.


Marbles In A Tin

“Every child should own a tin like this. Filled with such fun.”

  • Your kids will love the 60 glass Marbles Tin, comes inside a tin filled with three different sizes of marbles
  • It features jewel like swirly patterns
  • Comes with a mesh bag within in the tin
  • Dimensions of largest marble: 3.5cm
  • Tin Dimensions: L 15.6 xW 9.4 x D 4.4 cm

 A4 Giant Waterproof Playing Cards

“Very comical size. The adults are always borrowing them!”

This Pack of 52 Giant playing cards is ideal for parties, picnics and BBQs. A must have for this summer great for indoor and outdoor fun, Poker, Snap and Pontoon. Pack of 52 . 21cm x 28cm . Easy clean . Plastic Coated. Full colour box.

Juggling Balls

“They are perfect for the beginner.”

“I wanted to learn to juggle and hey presto! Amazon to the rescue. I can now juggle :)”

  • Set of 3 Circus Clown Coloured Juggling Balls Learn to Juggle Toy Game

Flip Emoji Keyring

*Perfect for school bags and ‘fidgeting’ with!

  • Why not jazz up your dull rusty keys with one of these funky emoji keyrings, as you jangle your keys the keyring will alter its lenticular smiley face design.
  • Image Flip From One Design to another using the Lenticular Effect
  • The perfect gift for emoji fans!
  • Would be an ideal secret santa gift, stocking filler or an extra novelty gift.
  • 1 Lenticular Emoji Keyring

Alien Robot

Use your imagination and create your own awesome Dinosaur and Jungle Robots with this Robot collection. Hours of fun for children (and parents who we are sure will not be able to resist helping). Try Loz Bigger Robots for a bigger challenge.

Christmas Monopoly

“LOVE LOVE LOVE! Excellent for any Christmas fan!”

“If you love CHRISTMAS, you’ll love this edition. Great family fun, we loved it.”

The festive season starts here with this very special Christmas Edition of MONOPOLY! Play as one of six bespoke tokens, including Rudolph, a snowman and Santa himself! Travel around the board collecting your favourite things from the season of goodwill: from Santa and his reindeer, to a full festive feast, via decorating the tree and doing your Christmas shopping, no stocking would be complete with this family favourite.

  • The world’s favourite family board game brings you another exciting edition of MONOPOLY – the Christmas Edition
  • Choose your favourite festive token, tour your favourite Christmassy things and accumulate fortunes, but watch out for taxes, jail and bankruptcy
  • Advance to Santa, Dasher, Dancer and Prancer, or even Sprouts – will you owe rent or reap the rewards?
  • Invest in Grottos and Workshops and trade your way to success
  • The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Game is festive fun for the whole family

Sports Bottle (no leak)

*Other colours available. Our kids love these!

“Lovely, easy to drink from and so far doesn’t leak.”

  • Great Tritan Drinking Bottle
  • 650ml Capacity
  • 23cm (H) x 7cm (L) x 7cm (W)
  • Screw top lid, flip up straw spout, carry handle
  • Made from superior Tritan material, BPA Free

Giant Tennis Ball

A giant tennis ball makes a fantastic Christmas present! Read the guide on Christmas Stocking Filler and Christmas present ideas by the International Elf Service

“Our kids absolutely love ours. Hard wearing, and withstands a strong game of footie in the park!”

  • Made of rubber and felt material.
  • Oversize tennis ball(9.5″) can be used to have fun and relax yourself.
  • Suit for children, adult
  • Perfect for autographing and display.

Giant Lollipop

Giant lollipops are an amazing addition to any child's Christmas presents!

How can they fail to smile at seeing one of these on Christmas morning?!

Novelty Pencils

I really love these quirky Newspaper Pencils & Twig Pencils from the Exotic Paper Company.

Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas

Times Table Cube

“Endless, educational amusement. Has survived a LOT of folding and unfolding from my kids.”

“My daughter loves it – really helps her learn her tables!”

  • Perfect way to learn or teach timetables.
  • Perfect size to take anywhere.
  • Size: 6 x 6 x 6cm.

Joke Sick

“Particularly funny if you have a cat or a dog!”

“Absolutely wonderful. My kids bought this and it was worth every penny. They have caught loads of friends out with this as it looks so real. Kids and adults will love.”

  • Large fake vomit
  • Prank your friends with this joke gift
  • GJ175
  • Colour: Multi-coloured
  • Size: 18cm x 18cm

Brain Teaser Puzzle

  • Wooden Puzzles are classic and popular Puzzle Game toys, suitable for both children and adults
  • They are usually easy to disassemble but difficult to assemble
  • Playing with wooden puzzles can not only exercise brain, develop intelligence, improve problem-solving ability, but also relieve pressure, relax mood and gain pleasure
  • Material: Wooden, Age Range:﹥3 Years Old, Size:60*60*60mm
  • 1 x Kong Ming Lock


Magical Christmas Elf & Fairy Letter Bundles
… To Enjoy As A Family


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Ways To Make Your December More Magical - A Bumper Guide from the International Elf Service, bursting with ideas for Christmas Traditions for your family to enjoy!
Ways To Make Christmas Eve More Magical - A Bumper Guide from the International Elf Service, bursting with ideas for Christmas Traditions for your family to enjoy!

The International Elf Service specialises in beautiful handcrafted, personalised letters from magical places … the North Pole and Fairyland. Designed to encourage children to read, while developing and preserving their love of all things magical.

‘Very Helpful’ Fairy & Tooth Fairy Letters

The International Elf Service delivers magical Fairy & Tooth Fairy Letters, designed to support Children's Emotional Health and Development

Try our amazingly unique and magical Family Christmas Tradition of Christmas Letter Bundles from the North Pole. Elf letters filled with secrets and snippets from the North Pole, for you to deliver very mysteriously on the Elves behalf … for your children to find.

Elfie’s Christmas LettersVideo is the Christmas 2019 Edition


*You don’t need an Elf or a Fairy Door to enjoy these letters. Pop magical letter by their toothbrush, in their shoes, stashed away with the rest of the mail – have fun!

Not sure? You can try these one-off letters that can be delivered any time of the year. Here and here!

A sneaky listen to our Advent Calendar Christmas letter bundle from Christmas 2018 … *The Christmas Letter Bundles Are Brand New Each Year!


Hide them among the bills and junk mail, lay them on the table first thing in the morning, stashed among the toys, or snuggled up in their bed. You choose where your children find the letters, to create a magical family tradition the kids will love!


“The best Christmas idea ever.” – Charlie Condou (Actor)


“These were the best things I have ever (and I mean ever) ordered!!
I’ve never seen the magic or happiness last so long x”

– Jolene (August 2017)


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