A Letter To The Tooth Fairy Ends Up In The North Pole By Mistake…

The Elves in the North Pole receive a child's letter to their Tooth Fairy by mistake but forward the note on to Fairyland...

Somehow our son’s letter to his Tooth Fairy ended up in the Elves’ Workshop in the North Pole, before the Tooth Fairy even had a chance to come and visit him! He was of course, totally unaware of these unusual goings on and we didn’t discover what had ACTUALLY happened until the morning.

Thundering into our bedroom, he demanded that I opened my eyes, and waved the following in my face…

A scroll tied up with Candy Cane Cord and a chocolate coin
A note from Bang (his Tooth Fairy) and a £1 coin


Now our boy knows Candy Cane Cord means a letter from Elfie in the North Pole, and the first thing he did was untie the scroll with his fingers all of a fumble…

Well, it turned out that the sorter in the centre of the Magical Wind Machine up in the North Pole needed a bit of oiling and it had somehow sucked up my boy’s letter by mistake! Elfie forwards the letter straight on to Fairyland, panics it might not get there and sends a letter of explanation, along with a gold coin (just in case).

Thankfully Elfie seems to have free access to Father Christmas’ computer and official stamped recycled paper (with real elephant poo in), to manage these unexpected and time-sensitive situations…

Always keen to chat, Elfie expresses concern about the tooth not being as clean as it should have been and asks if it still had any chocolate on it from last Christmas.  It turns out Elfie’s never been to Fairyland and plans to write, asking them if they might be free for a visit next Tuesday…

Apparently Marty’s been up to his usual mischief and has been causing havoc with his batch of exploding apple pies.  The Elves are going to ask Mother Christmas to have a word with him about it (though I’m honestly not sure what good that will do as he’s always up to something).

Thankfully Elfie has to go and collect some tangerines from Mistletoe Stores, or the letter might have gone on forever…

Then our boy gives us a blow by blow recount of what ACTUALLY happened last night, before he rushes out of our bedroom leaving all our heads whirling and poor Bang’s letter unread…


Tooth fairy body middle edited


Curiously, Elfie and I have a very similar signature…


Tooth fairy signature

I don’t know about yours, but our kids always lose a tooth either just before we go out for the evening, just as I’m about to go to bed myself, or when they’re staying at a friend’s house.  Amazingly the night all this happened, his tooth came out just before he went to bed and I was around…but I didn’t hear a thing…

I’m going to ask write to the North Pole myself this week and ask if it’s possible to arrange more letters like this in the future.

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