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Guidelines When Making A Woodland Fairy Door

I love the rustic Fairy Doors we all find in our woods and forests. I know some fairies build their own houses, but as you know … many fairies move into houses where a door has been put up by one of us. It’s a very special kind of magic that can make a home appear behind a seemingly simple wooden door.

If you’re planning to put a fairy door in the woods, it’s very important that your door isn’t damaging to either the woods, or the animals that will be living alongside the new fairy residents.

The official International Fairy Service Planning Guidelines state:

  • Please don’t use any artificial materials such as plastic, silver foil, tinsel, glitter. Fairies much prefer natural materials. Any wood should be untreated, and only water based paints should be used. Fairies love natural materials such as bare wood, twigs, leaves, jute twine, moss, hessian and feathers … mainly because their woodland friends tend to nibble on them. They also look better when mushrooms and toadstools grow on them.

    How to make a woodland Fairy Door - official Planning Guidlines from the International Elf Service

  • Please don’t attach your door to a tree using nails, screws or cement. It hurts the trees, which in turn makes Fairies very unhappy.

  • Fairies love their gardens to be decorated with natural items … such as empty snail shells, conkers, acorns and other tree seeds. Please don’t pick or pull anything up out of the ground to decorate their garden.

  • Please don’t damage, stamp or trample on any lovely flowers (keep to the paths). If Fairies see any squashed flowers, they’re likely to move away.

    Bluebells, Buttercups, Cow Parsley, Moss and Dog Rose are all vital equipment for Fairies. They bathe in Buttercups, ring the Bluebells to call other Fairies and use Dog Rose in many of their perfumes and potions. The comforting umbrellas of Cow Parsley provide Fairies with welcome shelter from bad weather … and on hot summer nights, they sleep on beds of moss.

    How to make a woodland fairy door - official planning guidelines by the International Elf Service
    Photo Credit: ‘Lucy’ by Catherine Anne Puxley

    5.Fairies love eating nuts and fruit, so please feel free to leave some treats out for them. It would also make them very happy if you were to leave some bird seed out for their friends.

    6.Visit them regularly and see what’s changed since the last time you were there!


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