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If you’d love something to do together as a family at home, that’s a bit different and a treat … a Family Cocktail Party is a brilliant option.

We’re in lockdown at the moment, and I thought, what we need is a way to somehow make the days a bit different … to give ourselves something to look forward to that the kids can get excited about. I was thinking about what we could do, just after the boys and I had just mucked out tidied up the terrace, with the sun high in the sky … and what I really wanted to do was to sit down with a drink and enjoy it!

So I decided I’d invite my family to a … Family Cocktail Party. The kids could have lots of fun planning and making mocktails and getting some snacks together. I’d order a lovely sunny day and we’d enjoy some relaxing time together.

So I gathered various ingredients, told the kids what we had, and they came up with the following (taste tested by me too, and all totally delicious).

We had the party mid afternoon, with the sun flooding our garden … and all you could hear were the birds in the trees, and our children slurping on homemade cocktails and crunching on crisps.


So these are the mocktails the kids came up with today …

Watermelon Lemonade

Half a Watermelon (flesh removed, juice reserved)
‘Some’ Watermelon Juice – depending on what you have after scraping the flesh out.
125 mls Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
1 Lime cut into slices
3 Strawberries, sliced
Freshly Ripped Mint Leaves
Fill 3/4 to the top of your watermelon half with Soda Water (Sparkling Water)
Sugar ‘to taste’ 

Mix it all together!

As well as eye-catching, my son thought his half-watermelon sized glass made a great excuse for drinking a giant sized cocktail!

Lime Blush

This sounds as if it should have been tart, but it wasn’t. Definitely add the lime juice last, to make sure you don’t need to add too much sugar to make it palatable!

So, using the other half of the watermelon left over from the cocktail above …

Juice of 3 Limes
3 ice-cream scoops of watermelon flesh
5 ice-cream scoops of watermelon juice
5 Strawberries (chopped)
Soda Water
Ripped Mint Leaves
Sugar to taste

Mix altogether, tweaking the lime juice and sugar so it’s not so sweet you pass out in a diabetic coma, but not so tart, your lips are pursed solidly all the way through the Cocktail Party.

London Lockdown

We first discovered this in Kenya, but I can’t remember the name of it, and as we’ve added frozen raspberries to it we thought we’d give it a name anyway! If you like coconut based drinks, it’s heavenly. It does NOT taste like a Pina Colada! At all. The grenadine really turns it around.

50% Coconut Milk
50% Pineapple Juice
Big dash of Grenadine (we ran out – we wanted it pinker than this!)
Frozen raspberries
Lots of Ice

Mix together!

And if you’d like to add some jazzy fruity ice-cubes, you can read how to make those here!

Beautiful layered watermelon & Pineapple Snowflake Ice Cubes. Perfect for kids' Christmas Cocktails!


We had such a lovely time together. We chatted about all sorts of rubbish, and then went back to playing some ridiculously freezing game in the paddling swimming pool in the garden.

We loved it so much, we might do it again on Friday!

Other Events up my sleeve – Ice-Cream Sundae or a Peach Melba Treasure Hunt … and Afternoon Tea. Both of which involve the kids ‘cooking’.

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