Unmissable Magical Christmas Websites

Unmissable Magical Christmas Websites by the International Elf Service

Here are some fantastic websites, recommended by loads of families for the countdown to Christmas …

This is my top favourite …

Capture the reindeer eating carrots in your house on Christmas Eve!

You can read all about it here: but if you go to  ReindeerReady.co.uk on your phone, then …

• Follow the instructions to take a photo of your garden or living room (or wherever you leave the carrots)

• Remember to leave some carrots out for the reindeer before your little ones go to bed!

and voila – you have a video!

Track where Father Christmas is at all times on Christmas Eve

Using the NORAD Santa Tracker , which is a family friendly program by the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) which uses military sensors and technology to track Santa as he moves around the world on Christmas Eve

Personalised Video Message From Santa

On the Portable North Pole, you can generate a personalised video message from Santa for your children – just answer a few questions and hey presto. Mesmerising, even to us grown-ups.

Prove Father Christmas was in your house!

You can visit Capture The Magic, upload a photo of where you would like evidence of Father Christmas in your house, choose one of their ‘Santas’ and they will zap! the two together and you have a printable photo of the evidence.


Watch Santa’s Sleigh Fly Overhead on Christmas Eve

Use one of the International Space Station Tracker apps listed to find out exactly what time the ISS is passing over your house on Christmas Eve.  When the time is right, drop everything, rush outside and ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over Father Christmas passing overhead in his sleigh!

How Many Sleeps Until Christmas? 

For that extremely important information, visit Christmas Countdown

Christmas Music!

You Tube has Christmas music playlists for every occasion!

Handcrafted, Personalised Elf Letter Bundles.

Definitely a family activity, and definitely as magical as you’d like them to be … see our own website for handcrafted and personalised Christmas magic brought into your home in the most magical way 💫


Free Guide to Family Advent Activities

Whether you want a stack of ideas of Christmassy things to do, or ideas for one activity a day in your Advent Calendar, sign up to our Elf Club to receive this Guide:

 Ways To Make Your December More Magical - A Bumper Guide from the International Elf Service, bursting with ideas for Christmas Traditions for your family to enjoy!

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Magical Christmas Elf & Fairy Letter Bundles
… To Enjoy As A Family


The International Elf Service specialises in beautiful handcrafted, personalised letters from magical places … the North Pole and Fairyland. Designed to encourage children to read, while developing and preserving their love of all things magical.

‘Very Helpful’ Fairy & Tooth Fairy Letters

The International Elf Service delivers magical Fairy & Tooth Fairy Letters, designed to support Children's Emotional Health and Development

Try our amazingly unique and magical Family Christmas Tradition of Christmas Letter Bundles from the North Pole. Elf letters filled with secrets and snippets from the North Pole, for you to deliver very mysteriously on the Elves behalf … for your children to find.

Elfie’s Christmas LettersVideo is the Christmas 2019 Edition


*You don’t need an Elf or a Fairy Door to enjoy these letters. Pop magical letter by their toothbrush, in their shoes, stashed away with the rest of the mail – have fun!

Not sure? You can try these one-off letters that can be delivered any time of the year. Here and here!

A sneaky listen to our Advent Calendar Christmas letter bundle from Christmas 2018 … *The Christmas Letter Bundles Are Brand New Each Year!


Hide them among the bills and junk mail, lay them on the table first thing in the morning, stashed among the toys, or snuggled up in their bed. You choose where your children find the letters, to create a magical family tradition the kids will love!


“The best Christmas idea ever.” – Charlie Condou (Actor)


“These were the best things I have ever (and I mean ever) ordered!!
I’ve never seen the magic or happiness last so long x”

– Jolene (August 2017)


Come and join us on Facebook, or find us over on Christmas Traditions & Magic For Children for all year round festive chat.

Emily x

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